Win An American Candy Bundle

I don’t know about you but I have a terrible sweet tooth, I love chocolate, sweeties, cakes and especially American candy so I thought I would share that love with you in this months giveaway.

I’ve been to America twice and they really know a thing or two about the sweet stuff so instead of offering you familiar chocolate and sweeties as a prize I raided the American candy section in B&M Stores so you could try something new.


*Prize bundle pictured above, photo’s below are a closer look*

IMG_9851[1] IMG_9852[1]

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Win An American Candy Bundle

Terms & Conditions

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  • UK entries only
  • The closing date is the 31.05.16
  • Winner will be contacted by email/tweet and must claim their prize within 28 days
  • The prize is the American candy bundle in the main photo above.

Good Luck

Angela xx

219 thoughts on “Win An American Candy Bundle

  1. I love peanut butter M&Ms. They actually can be a bit difficult to find in the States. Your selection of treats is making me homesick.

  2. When it comes to American chocolate and candy it has to be Butterfingers! They are soooo sweet, similar to Crunchie but dare I say it, better!! English chocolate wise it has to be a Twirl, sooooo chocolately!

  3. I love cadburys marvellous creations I absolutely love the combination of candy and chocolate mixed together! πŸ™‚

  4. The Rainbow Nerds are awesome, and strawberry pencils are my newest discovery!

  5. I love after eight love mint and I’ve enjoyed them for 52 years has they have never changed

  6. Cadburys double decker are my favourite ☺️ Followed by giant buttons ☺️

  7. I love anything with peanuts, although saying that, my ultimate chocolate bar has to be Turkish delight (oh the irony of that not having peanuts lol)

  8. I love Yorkies. They remind me of when I was pregnant and had a crazy craving for them!

  9. I have always loved Galaxy as its soo creamy, my favourite is the Galaxy Caramel bars xx

  10. Whenever we go to America I totally binge on pretzel M&Ms! So yummy. Back here I love a pack of choccy buttons…..drool…..!!

  11. Galaxy caramel. I love caramel and the smooth creaminess of the Galaxy and I love chocolate as well. So this is why I love Galaxy caramel.

  12. I love galaxy salted caramel, smooth with a nice blend of savoury sweetness πŸ™‚

  13. I love Butterfinger Bites! They are so delicious, small, scrumptious and buttery and perfect for snacking whilst film-watching!

  14. My favourite sweets are peach hearts. They remind me of going to the cinema with my Mum when I was little πŸ™‚

  15. I love chunky peanut kitkats because they taste delicious. I only wish you could buy them in multipacks!

  16. I have always loved sweet peanuts. I like the way you get the sudden burst of salt mixed in with the sweetness.

  17. I love Munchies. My mum always ate them and I looked upon them as adult sweets, so was in my element when I got to eat them. Only thing is they made the packets smaller πŸ™

  18. Jameson’s Ruffle Raspberry Bar, its the raspberry coconut and dark chocolate. They are moreish

  19. Kola Kubes. These Kool, Klassy Kombos really send me Krackers with excitement! πŸ™‚

  20. My favourite chocolate is m n m peanuts… can i just say that i am obsessed with lucky charms. Used to have them when i was a young girl and still love them today xxx

  21. Dairy Milk Wholenut. I love the creaminess of the chocolate combined with the crunchy hazelnuts.

  22. my favourites are lindor balls especially out of the fridge, it just reminds my of growing up in Switzerland my grandma gave us them as treats

  23. I love the Galaxy Ripple – I only discovered them recently and they are even nicer than flake !

  24. I love ferrero rochet. They’re something I would only eat now an d then , so when I have them it’s a real treat

  25. I’m a sucker for liquorice allsorts. Always buy a stack when they’re on special offer.

  26. I love Double Deckers. As well as the crunch and chew, it reminds me of a happy childhood. I used to treat myself to one on payday from my paper round.

  27. Grape Twizzlers – gorgeous taste, long ropes of chewy loveliness and they make your tongue and poop go a weird greenish blue colour!

  28. Love Ferrero Rocher! But then again I love most chocolates/sweets as I have such a sweet tooth!!!

  29. I love Guylian Shell Praline chocolates. America can do candy but it cannot do chocolate like Europe does πŸ™‚

  30. Crunchie bars – love the honeycomb in the middle surrounded by a thin layer of chocolate

  31. Reece’s peanut butter cups! Because my aunty used to bring me them over from Wisconsin USA! X

  32. Walnut whip Mmmmm…..Open, get rid of the walnut (that’s way too healthy) and enjoy πŸ˜€

  33. I love Cadbury’s dairy milk as I love how it melts in your mouth. I am also a fan of American sweets and chocolate!

  34. My favourite chocolates are Reese’s peanut butter cups. I usually buy a good stash when I have a business trip to the states (luckily I have one next week), too feed my chocolate peanut butter fix πŸ™‚

  35. I need to stop reading everyones answers, I haven’t had some of these for ages, I love cola cubes.

  36. American chocolate I love reeses as I love the chocolate and peanut butter combination. From England I like Crunchie as I like the difference between the chocolate on the outside and the honeycomb centre

  37. Absolutely love anything with Peanut Butter in it. I’m very mean as I’m the only one in the house that likes Peanut Butter so I can have it all to myself. πŸ™‚

  38. My favourite chocolate is Maltesers because I love the combination of maltiness, crispiness and chocolate πŸ™‚

  39. Reece’s peanut butter cups in white chocolate. I love peanut butter and I love white chocolate so this is the perfect combination

  40. Very dark, bitter chocolate! It’s just so addictive! On the plus side you can’t eat very much at once so it’s also diet-friendly, and I believe good for you! Would love to try some American candy!

  41. After eights – just love mint chocolates. I’m happy to try new to me chocolates, rarely meet one I don’t like.

  42. My new favourite is Cadbury Marvelous Creations banana caramel, because I love caramel and with the added taste of banana, which I love aswel, is just perfect, though its getting hard to get hold of now for some reason x

  43. minstrels…. i hold them in my hand for a good 5 minutes then pop one in my mouth and the melted chocolate pops through x

  44. My all-time favourites are Cabanas, but my current favourites are Payday bars. I love the taste & texture, plus the combination of sweet & salty. I’ll have to stock up if & when I go back to the US. Sweet shops over here charge Β£1.65 each! Cherry Ripes from Australia are luscious too!

  45. I love Reese’s peanut butter cups. I’m a big fan of peanut butter and I love chocolate too. It’s the perfect combination x

  46. I love walnut whips – they remind me of my childhood! They were my parents favourites as well xxx

  47. I adore American candy but my absolute favourite sweet is the humble British Jelly Baby by Bassetts

  48. My favourite is Star Bar, although when I was younger it was Texan…….anyone else remember them?

  49. My favourite chocolate bar of all time has got to be a Guylian chocolate bar.. I LOVE them!

  50. Has to be a Reese’s NutRageous – peanut butter, caramel and roasted peanuts? Can’t go wrong.

  51. Picnic bar because it reminds me of Christmas. We used to always get them in our selection boxes

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