August At The Websters {2018}

I can’t believe it’s already time to write a round up of August. The month has absolutely flown and the summer holidays are almost at an end. We didn’t do as much as I thought we would in August but we still had a great time non the less. Spending lots of time at home has been just what we all needed. The kids have enjoyed a slower pace and I’ve managed to get lots of things done around the house.

My diary is looking full already for September which is exciting. There are lots of changes on the horizon for us and lots to look forward to next month.

Here’s what we got up to in August.

  • We went on a short break to Jersey which we absolutely loved.
  • My eldest son, Scott turned 19.
  • In Jersey we went to the beach, a castle, a zoo and two adventure parks.
  • I met up with my good comping friend for a natter at the pub.
  • Daisy learned how to make her own sandwiches.
  • We had a mini garden makeover, adding some lovely new plants and a trampoline.
  • I read four books.
  • We all came down with yucky summer colds.
  • I met up with my lovely blogging friend, we had a delicious meal at Pizza Express.
  • My eldest son, daughter and grandson came round for a family barbecue.
  • I wrote about the frugal things we did this month to save money.
  • I’ve done lots of decluttering and deep cleaning all around the house.
  • We went to the park and the kids took their scooters and bikes.
  • I went to watch a free screening of American Animals at the cinema in Liverpool (my favourite city).
  • Chris and I watched Luther in Netflix and both really loved it.

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