A Christmas Tree in November

Up until Friday we didn’t have a Christmas tree at all. In a mad January declutter we threw our old decrepit one away with the intention of picking up a snazzy new one in the sales. Needless to say this never happened.

Traditionally I like to put the tree up on December 1st and with that date approaching I had to bite the bullet and pay full price for a new one, ouch. That’s not really the point of this post though.

All across social media I have seen people putting their trees up and making their homes all festive since the beginning of November. I will admit that I scoffed at their eagerness. Once home with our new tree I bet you can guess what I decided to do next.

Yes, I the traditionalist have my Christmas tree up, decorated and twinkling whilst we are still in November. The Christmas soft toys are out and the festive scented candles are burning away.img_30371The children had great fun decorating it with the eclectic mix of baubles we have. img_30591 img_30441 img_30471Our house is that little bit more cosy and warm and it feels lovely. I’m not sure if we will always start the festivities this early. I’ve been so stressed lately it’s just the tonic I needed.

When do you put your Christmas tree up ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.






5 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree in November

  1. We always put our decorations up on December 1st, but have noticed that it seems to be early this year , for some neighbours, the only negative, I can see the in this, is that children may think Santa is coming, sooner than he is, if that makes sense!#TuesdayTreasures

  2. Wow your tree looks amazing, we are yet to put ours up (it is currently half naked stood in our living room- poor thing must be bloody freezing with all it’s balls in boxes LOL)

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