Fingers Burnt, Lessons Learnt

This week threw me a curve ball that fast that I’m still figuring out how to catch it or even if I want to.

I started this blog as a record of our family life, a place to come and look back at how the children have grown up, a place I could write my thoughts and feelings about things that have happened in our lives, a place to share the love of my hobbies.

Sadly this week I have come to realise that no matter how much you are naïve to the fact, people you know and may be close to are reading your blog, following your every move, reading about your thoughts, your worries and offering you no actual help, preferring to know what’s going on in your life but keeping their distance at the same time.

I can’t write and tell you what has opened my eyes to this but what I will say is that I’m glad it’s happened, I have a choice now I know the facts.

I have no problem putting our family life out there, I want to share the activites we do, the places we go, the fun we have and how the kids are growing but now I’ve realised that I’m not comfortable sharing my personal thoughts, feelings and problems.

I feel a little sad that I’m having to make the decision to publish no more personal posts or life updates, it’s not a decision I’ve made lightly, I’ve found it so therapeutic to be able to spill all my thoughts out into the ether but it’s something that’s had the joy sucked out of it.

I suppose I’ve learnt the hard way that you really must think carefully about how much of yourself and your life you put out there, someone is always watching and when you find out about it, it can bring up all sorts of emotions you weren’t expecting.

Anyway normal service will be resumed very soon and as the saying goes ‘fingers burnt, lessons learnt’.

I will end this post by saying if you read on a blog or even on Facebook that someone you know is struggling please offer them your help, advice or even just ask them if they are okay, we are all humans seeking a connection from those around us who are supposed to love and care for us.

Angela x


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