Getting Some Perspective

I had one of THOSE weeks recently where everything that can go wrong did, I could feel myself spiralling down into a mire of self pity and frustration but I realised quickly that although the week had started badly it could end on a better note by getting some perspective.

Here are a few things that happened during the week and how I got some perspective and changed things around.

Lost Voice

This year has started with us having a bad run of luck health wise, we all caught the flu in January and have continued with coughs, colds and general yuckiness into February, I feel like none of us can catch a break from the relentless Winter germs, so when I woke up with no voice at all I was really feeling sorry for myself.

I saw several posts on social media that served as a reminder how lucky I was that all I had lost was my voice, I’m so lucky that all I have is a cold and not something life limiting, it’s far too easy to host yourself a pity party when you are feeling rotten but remember there are lots of people out there who would gladly swap places with you in a heartbeat.

Broken Hoover

I switched the hoover on as usual one morning, it was making a deafening sound, wasn’t picking up and smelt like burning, I felt really annoyed that all the vouchers I had been saving up would now have to be spent on buying a new hoover, in fact I spent the rest of the day sulking about it.

The next day I decided to look at it from a different perspective, I told myself that I should be thankful that I had enough vouchers saved to pay for it and that we wouldn’t have to use any money from our budget.

Before I ordered one I thought I would take a look at the instruction manual, I tried a few things it suggested and I fixed it !

Gas Leak

When I came back from the school run one afternoon last week I could smell gas around the hob in my kitchen, I called the emergency number and a lovely gent came, isolated the leak and capped the pipe off where the faulty joint was.

There was some debate as to whether the actual repair would be fixed under our tenancy or if we were liable as it was the joint on the gas pipe and not the pipe itself, this time instead of worrying and feeling frustrated I thought about how changing my perspective had helped earlier in the week.

I rearranged our meal plan to meals that didn’t require the hob (this is where meal prep pays off) and decided to think positive and not worry about the outcome.

We got the news on Friday that it would be repaired with no cost to us, what a result.

There were lots of other little things that happened during the week that made me feel down but each time I changed my perspective solutions appeared to my problems, was it just coincidence ? or did changing the way I thought about things really help ?

Living on a limited budget does throw up lots of extra worries, especially when it comes to things breaking down and the unexpected cost those things incur but I’ve decided from now on that I’m not going to worry, I’m going to remind myself that there is always a solution if you are willing to change your perspective.


Angela xx





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