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I’ve had a pretty good week for goodies arriving through my letterbox, I was starting think I had been blacklisted for freebies as I kept seeing them arrive for other people and not for me but the postie handed me a lovely bundle of them this morning so all was not lost.



I redeemed my points for another ‘That’s Not My’ book from Johnson’s baby club, Jake loves these books and has a really nice collection of them now.  All the items have been reduced in points and the club is closing in July so if you have any points saved up I suggest you redeem them soon.


One of the best things about reviewing products for Amz Reviews is that sometimes sellers contact you directly about reviewing their products, I get a lot of offers that I turn down as I won’t review something I don’t need or wouldn’t use. This moisturiser arrived just in time as I had just run out of the one I had been using.


I applied for this Red Bull ages ago and almost given up hope that it was going to arrive, I love the way they package their freebies.


I think razors have to be in my top 5 favourite things to get for free as they can be so expensive to buy.


I wasn’t sure whether to class this as a freebie as I did have to put some effort in to earn it, I redeemed it from Consumer Pulse, I’ve got a nice little stack of them now all ready for Christmas.



It really is my month for DVD prizes, I won this awesome lot from a blog competition, Daisy and I were both very excited when they arrived.



After much debating I decided to go ahead and sign up with Pop In A Box it’s a monthly subscription service where you can choose how many pops you want to receive and also reject any your not interested in, I love the surprise element of it and I got this big pop as my first one, the picture doesn’t do it justice it’s twice the size of the usual ones. If you use my link you can get 20% off your first pop in a box.

IMG_9643[1] IMG_9646[1]

I was quite surprised to get the Degustabox early this month and I’m really happy with everything inside, I love opening this surprise food box.


I’m going to my first blogging conference next week so I thought I better get all professional and get myself some business cards, I bought them from Moo they had so many designs to choose from and I’m really happy with the quality.

Have you had anything nice arrive this week ? Do you get any subscription boxes ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

I’m linking up with Alice Megan for Look In My Letterbox, if you like my posts makes sure you pop across and have a look.

Angela xx

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