Railway Children & Aviva – Awkward Conversations Campaign

When I heard about a campaign that launched recently between Railway Children and Aviva called Awkward Conversations I knew wanted to blog about it.

The aim of the campaign is to create an open dialogue between parents and their children about those awkward conversations and issues that children sometimes have trouble talking about.

More than one in four children admit to keeping problems and worries to themselves, it can be difficult to talk about things like divorce, suicide, death or other family issues and sometimes this can lead to children feeling isolated and consider running away from home.

Every five minutes in the UK a child runs away from home, that’s 100,000 children a year.

A couple of years ago when my daughter was fourteen we went through a really difficult patch, her dad and I were divorcing and she was finding it difficult to accept the changes that came with it.

I found it so difficult to talk to her about the situation, and to answer her questions on a level she could understand, I know she must have felt huge frustration.

We sought help from a similar charity as the Railway Children.

Thankfully we have come out of the other side to a much better place, but I have learned how important it is to keep talking and to reassure my children that they can talk to me about anything.

Aviva and Railway Children are asking parents to upload their most awkward parenting conversation at http://www.avivaconversations.co.uk/ to help raise awareness.

Aviva will donate £2 to Railway Children for every conversation uploaded or shared to the Awkward Conversations Hub.

Please consider visiting the site and uploading your awkward parenting conversation, I have, hopefully it will help Railway Children reach more vunerable young people.



  1. July 1st 2014 / 3:24 PM

    Oh this sounds really interesting, and I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter had a difficult time too. My parents split when i was 4 but my sister was a lot older and I think something like the railway children would've made a difference to her too. x x

  2. July 1st 2014 / 3:26 PM

    Thanks for commenting, it's such an important cause x

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