The Importance Of Accepting You Can’t Do It All

If you have an all or nothing personality like I do, then you know that it’s a constant daily battle to centre yourself, to find a middle ground or find a happy medium. To people like us the ‘middle’ doesn’t exist, we can’t see it and I have a tendency to crash and burn regularly, but I’m working really hard at changing this and accepting I can’t do it all.

I’ve already changed so much in the last five years, I feel more grounded than I ever have and I’m a lot faster at spotting when I’ve gone beyond my limits and am starting to crash.

I love having a busy life, having my fingers in lots of pies but I’m always in danger of dipping my toes in those pies too, I realised that’s what I’ve been doing just lately and I’ve taken steps to combat it.


I thought I would share with you the area’s I’ve reassessed, changed and am feeling a lot happier about.

Online Earning

Despite all the good advice I’ve been given about pacing myself with surveys I didn’t listen and after a bumper couple of months of earning I totally burnt myself out to the point where I would avoid my inbox for the fear of all the survey invitations.

Luckily I’m married to the wise FrugalMrW who pointed out to me that I had worked hard and earned enough that we had covered the whole of Christmas spending, bought some much need household items, stocked up the freezers and cupboards with food and I now deserved to give myself a break.

I’ve made the decision that apart from a select few higher paying survey sites I will put all other online earning to one side until January and I can not explain to you how much a relief this decision has been.

Indulge In What I Love

I realised last week that I have a queue of e-books on my kindle that I’m dying to read but haven’t even looked at because in any spare moment I’m usually on the Laptop working in some form or another.

I’ve also recently discovered bullet journaling and the world of planner organisation and it’s made me realise how much I miss the creative side of me, I’ve decided that although these things won’t make me any money or bring anything free into our home I need them as a creative outlet.

I will tell myself that as long as the bills are paid, everyone has full tummies and their immediate needs are met then I’m giving myself permission to indulge in some me time.

Freebies, Comping & Couponing

This is an area I’ve been working hard on all year so I feel I’ve made a lot of progress already, I only enter competitions for things we really want and can use without creating too much clutter, I only apply for freebies I can use or gift and I only coupon on a small scale and dip in and out as the mood takes me, I feel I have a good balance in this area.


Since changing the direction of my blog to focus on the frugal side of life it’s made me stop and think about what frugality is for me, could I claim to be frugal when I’m still spending money on treats, washing on 40 degrees, using my tumble dryer (albeit a lot less), and indulging in the odd takeaway ? I realised that with frugality there is no one size fits all solution.

I save money on things that aren’t important to make sure we have money for the things that are important and for each person what’s important is different and that’s okay.

I will always buy second hand, accept hand me downs, coupon, bargain hunt, batch cook and find free ways to have fun and for me and my family that’s enough, that’s our frugal.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I’ve given myself permission to put something down if it’s not working for me and leave the guilt that I should be able to do everything at the door, I’m human (don’t feel it in the morning though) I’m not perfect but as long as I keep striving for the middle then I’m happy.


Do you ever feel like you should be able to do everything ? do you have any tips for me to combat those feelings ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.





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