This Week At The Webster’s – Money Making Missions, Tonsilitis, A Musical Baby and Boy Meets Cat

Last week I found a brilliant online money making website, I’ve dedicated lots of time this week to getting signed up with new better paying survey sites, money making apps and focus groups.

I’m on a mission to pay for the whole of Christmas using only prizes and vouchers from surveys and the like, you are probably thinking I’m crazy as it’s only May but when you have six children between you and a grandchild you have to get organised !

On Wednesday morning Daisy didn’t seem very well, she was running a temperature and just wasn’t herself at all, I kept her home from school and by Thursday she was worse and complaining of a sore throat and ear, a quick trip to the doctors confirmed our suspicions of Tonsilitis, poor Daisy hasn’t done a full term at school yet since starting, thankfully this time she hasn’t been as bad with it and is on the mend.

Jake had fun playing with the guitar, I think he wants to be like Daddy when he grows up, I really hope he inherits Daddy’s singing voice too.


Most of the week it’s been raining here in the North West but today has been absolutely beautiful, hot and really summery, this afternoon we spent some time in the garden, Jake was very taken with our cat it’s the first time he’s been close as our cat won’t come indoors anymore, he always comes back for his dinner though !


This week coming up is half term for Daisy and I’m looking forward to a more relaxed morning routine, I think trips to the park and the library are on the agenda so I will be back next week to tell you about that, what have you got planned ?

Angela x


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