Looking After Your Gums In Pregnancy-#OralBLoveYourGums Challenge

I was recently sent a tube of the new Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste to try as part of the BritMums & #OralBLoveYourGums Challenge. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I had been experiencing some bleeding when brushing which I always get during pregnancy.

A few days before the toothpaste arrived I had been to my yearly check-up with my dentist, I knew I would be due to having some x-rays but wasn’t able to have them done with being pregnant.

I discussed my bleeding gums with my dentist who advised me to take extra care when brushing my gums, she also told me how important keeping up a good oral hygiene routine is especially during pregnancy as the hormones can make your gums swell as well as causing an increase in plaque.

I have been using the toothpaste for over two weeks now and have seen a slight improvement with my gums, they are not bleeding every time I brush and when they do it’s a very small amount, I have also noticed that my teeth appear a little whiter than they were.

The only thing I’m not very keen on is the taste, I’m a traditional minty flavour kind of girl and I found the new Oral B to taste a little medicated, although not unpleasant or unpalatable.

I was quite surprised to learn that the difference between new Oral-B Pro-Expert and other kinds of toothpaste is that it protects all of the areas that dentists check the most, it’s a great all-around toothpaste.

This post is my entry for BritMums #OralBLoveYourGums Challenge sponsored by Oral-B, promoting healthy gums-something especially important for pregnant women. Get tips and advice on www.oralb-loveyourgums.com .

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