Review – Chuggington Turbo Charged Chugger! DVD Abbey Kids Home Media

Daisy loves trains, she pretends we are all on a train and insists we must fasten our seat belts and sit in a line, she also loves watching Chuggington in the mornings before going to pre-school so she was delighted to be sent the latest Chuggington DVD ‘Turbo Charged Chugger!’ from Abbey Kids Home Media to review.

Chuggington is a computer animated children’s show which follows the adventures of Wilson, Koko and Brewster who are trainee locomotives and their friends, each episode sees them riding the tracks through the village of Chuggington exploring different locations and taking on challenges and learning new skills.


Turbo Charged Chugger contains six fun episodes as well as some special features, Daisy’s favourite episode on the DVD is called ‘Explorer Koko’, it’s a lovely episode where Koko runs into all sorts of mishaps while taking the Mayor of Chuggington and his guests to a tour in Tootington , she is upset to arrive late but all is not lost as the Mayor enjoys the detour so much he makes it a regular feature.

Turbo Charged Chugger also come with a bonus story CD for children to listen to.


The DVD is available to buy from Amazon*.

Are your little ones mad about trains ?

Angela x

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