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I remember reading the Topsy and Tim books when I was a little girl, I loved reading about the adventures they had in each book and thinking how exciting it would be to have a twin.

In 2013 a live action version of the Topsy & Tim stories was made for the Cbeebies channel.

Daisy has always preferred live action shows to animation, she loves watching other children and the adventures they get up to really capture her imagination, she really relates to these type of shows.

We were more than excited to review the new Topsy & Tim Dressing Up DVD from Abbey Home Media, the DVD contains 8 fun episodes following the everyday adventures of the twins.


 I love the way the story is told through the eyes of a child, everything is from their perspective and at the end of each episode Topsy & Tim ask you to play a memory game with them about all the things that have happened in that episode which opens a dialogue between you and your child.

Daisy and I have watched the DVD several times since we got it, each episode runs for 11 minutes which is the perfect amount of time to hold her attention, her favourite episode is ‘Old Toys’ , I also think Topsy & Tim have the best intro song of all the kids TV shows, we have been singing it to each other all weekend !

As a bonus the DVD also comes with a reward chart and stickers.

Topsy and Tim-Dressing Up is available to buy now at for £6.99.

Angela x

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