5 Easy Budget Ways To Get Your Garden Summer Ready

The days are getting longer, the skies are getting brighter and the temperature is on the rise so it’s time to start thinking about how you can get your garden summer ready.

Having a garden or outdoor space is such a blessing, it gives you somewhere to relax, entertain, and provides lots of fun for the kids too. You might find that after the long winter your garden is in need of some tender loving care, this needn’t be expensive or difficult. There are so many easy ways you can get your garden summer ready without spending a fortune. Here are my top five easy tips for getting your garden summer ready on a budget.

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Summer Ready Garden On A Budget

Lovely Lawn

If you have a lawn it’s often the centerpiece of your garden, how it looks can affect the whole aesthetic of your outside oasis. I’m going to recommend something that may not seem budget-friendly at first but hear me out. Investing in Astroturf will not only guarantee a perfect looking lawn but it will save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for a lawnmower, strimmer, and chemicals like weed killers and lawn feed.

Artificial grass is also fantastic if you have kids as it’s designed to be tough and durable, in fact they can play outside all year round without the worry of muddy little shoes saving you money of cleaning products and laundry detergents too!

artificial grass dark green

Tidy Up

The easiest tip I can give you is to give your garden a really good tidy up. I like to schedule a monthly tidy up of the garden and outside spaces into my regular routine. Clearing the debris of fallen leaves and petals, storing the kids’ balls and playthings, and removing those unsightly weeds growing from the cracks will instantly make a difference.

You can find some fantastic storage for very little cost at discount stores. I also recommend having a look for garden storage DIY ideas on Pinterest and YouTube.

Plant Clever

One way to guarantee your garden will look beautiful each year is to only buy and plant annuals. Buying annuals like Petunias, Marigolds, Geranium, and Begonias will save you money in the long run and also give you something to look forward to every summer when they blossom.

Perennial herbs such as Lavender, Chives, Mint, and Sage don’t need to be replanted each year and make a useful addition to your garden as well as your kitchen.

womans hand holding 3 potted seedlings


Reuse Or Recycle 

There are so many fun ways you can reuse or recycle household items. I love finding a new purpose for old things to spruce up my garden. Inspired by DIY’s on social media we have planted strawberries in an old pair of wellies that no longer fit, used egg cartons to grow seedlings, and made our own compost.

I’ve recently seen some fantastic ideas for using wooden pallets making garden furniture, outside toys, raised bed planters, and even garden paths. What a wonderful way to reuse wood.


Adding some simple budget-friendly and inexpensive accessories can make your garden summer ready and looking nice. Discount stores, one pound shops, and even charity shops are fantastic places to find cheaper alternative accessories for making your outside spaces look beautiful.

LED and solar-powered lights add a touch of magic to summer evenings and a few well-placed ornaments and outdoor candles will brighten up the garden and make visitors smile. Another nice inexpensive addition to the garden is a set of windchimes, just think about closing your eyes on a warm summers eve to the soft gentle sound of tinkling.

fairly lights in evening garden



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