Free Sample & Prize Haul 22.9.13

Hi Folks

I’ve had some lovely little bits in the post this week, I have also had a fantastic WEM (Winning Email) for a £500 Banana Republic giftcard !!!!! I’m going to treat myself to some Jewelery and as they sell man clothes even Chris can have a treat too.

I love my hobby so much, I have been comping for 11 years now and there are times when you lose motivation but looking back over the fantastic prizes & experiences I’ve had soon gets me going again.

Sorry about the poor photo, the sun was streaming through the blinds this morning !

This book is from the Annabel Karmel website, they have some lovely giveaways and of course some great toddler recipes. It’s a beautiful book inspired by a children’s heart surgeon.

This lovely little fun pack from California Raisins is no longer available but worth keeping an eye on the site in case they have any other giveaways.

A couple of this weeks freebies have come from links I followed from Magic Freebies UK , I subscribe to their newsletter and usually apply for the goodies first thing in the morning.

Happy Freebie Hunting & Be Lucky x


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  1. gen meredith
    September 25th 2013 / 8:27 AM

    i know what you mean that comping has ups and down but thats the fun of it

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