H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath-Bathtime Fun Review

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Two of Daisy’s favourite things are baths & bubbles so when I spotted a chance to review Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath on Tots 100 I jumped at the chance.

I am always really careful when it comes to choosing bath products for little ones as you are never sure how their skin will react, so I was really pleased to see that Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath is:

*Dermatologically Tested
*Paediatrician Approved
*Tear Free
*Suitable from New-born

As you can see the fun colourful bottle fit’s in nicely with our bathtime fun friends, although Daisy is a little too young to recognise Nemo she did like the bright colours & knew it was a fishy.

Bathtime at our house has always been about fun as much as it is about getting clean, Daisy loves nothing more than to splash about, pour water from her jug & explore the bubbles.

Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath gave a very generous amount of bubbles, the bubbles also lasted well whilst Daisy played with them which is great as other products we have tried in the past the bubbles have disappeared on contact.


Bubbles, bubbles everywhere
On the floor & in my hair

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere
Bathtimes fun without a care !

When our bathtime fun was over I noticed that Daisy’s skin felt lovely & soft, Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath is a very welcome addition to our bathtime routine.

I think it’s really important to keep bathtimes fun, sometimes they don’t have to about getting clean at all, I often run Daisy a bath & add some colouring to mix things up a little, I also like to find her unusual things to play & experiment with in the bath, kitchen utensils can be a great place to start.

H & A do a lovely range of bathtime products, from Disney to Thomas The Tank, I hadn’t noticed them before but we will definitely be trying out some of their other products in the future, I particularly like the look of the Minnie Mouse range.

*I was sent this product to review & to apply to become a a part of the H&A Bathtime Fun Squad, all opinions of the product are 100% honest & my own*

Angela x


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