I’m still here….

Dear Blog

I have been so neglectful of you lately, you are such a new blog and you must be feeling very abandoned right now.

In all seriousness this pregnancy has knocked me for six, I don’t remember feeling this poorly with any of my other three pregnancies.

The last few weeks I have found it difficult to concentrate on anything not just blogging, I know it’s all perfectly normal but I hate the feeling of not being organised or productive.

I’m beginning to feel a lot better and thanks to some Iron tablets I’m getting some energy back.

I feel a little sad about not blogging about Halloween, I had such big plans but none of them came off, the poor Pumpkin is still sitting in the kitchen un-carved ! however, I think it’s time to put the last few weeks behind me and get back to posting and growing my blog into something that I can be proud of.

I’m going to give myself a huge kick up the bum and get on with it.


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