Long Time No Blog !

Thought I would post a little update on my poor neglected blog, the amount of times I changed my mind about whether to blog ever again is ridiculous, so I’m back with a little explanation as to why I haven’t been blogging.

When I first started blogging it was because I wanted a place, an online diary a such to keep a record of our family life and also a record of the prizes, freebies and bargains I was lucky enough to receivet, I wanted to share with others a little of my life and thoughts on things, but for some reason along the way I got a little lost and didn’t know which direction if any I wanted to take the blog.

Another reason for lack of posts and direction is how tough life has become since having Jacob, he has definitely been the most challenging of all my babies, I plan to do a couple of posts on this soon.

I also think I let others opinions of my hobby influence what I wanted to share, comping incase you didn’t know already, I have been entering consumer competitions for 13 years and have had some amazing wins and experiences, last year comping and surveys saved Christmas.

So after thinking long and hard, I have decided to go back to my roots and blog about whatever I want and not worry so much about pushing myself down a particular route.

I’m definitely going to bring back ‘Webster’s Week In Wins’ which will also include any bargains I’ve found or anything that has saved us money.

I’m also bringing back ‘Webster’s Week In Review’ even if it’s just a mish mash of photo’s, these posts after all are memory banks for our family.

The rest of my posts will be a mixture of family life, days out, activites, random thoughts about things and anything else in between.

Although I write for myself, I do know that some of you lovely people return often to catch up with us, thank you so much for that.

Angela x

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