Posting Schedule For December

Regular readers will have noticed that despite my best intentions I’ve not been posting much in November, the same thing happened last year too so I thought I would make a plan and let you know about when and what I will be posting over the coming month.

The last two months of the year are always extremely busy for us and for most of you I imagine, we have a lot of birthday celebrations as well as Christmas.

Also as a comper it’s my busiest time of year with the daily onslaught of advent competitions and seeing as I’ve had my worst year ever for winning prizes I want to make a real effort to enter as much as I can.

So what I’m trying to say is that posting here on Frugal Adventures in Websterland will be sporadic and I won’t be setting myself a schedule to follow.

I have some good ideas for regular posts I would like to try in January, so taking a more flexible approach to blogging next month will mean I come back refreshed and ready to take my blog in the direction I want it to go in the new year.


I value every single one of you who keep coming back to follow our frugal adventures so wanted to write this post so you didn’t think I had disappeared again.

I will still be posting any freebie deals I come across on my Facebook page or you can keep up with my random musings by following me over on Twitter.

I will be posting my usual monthly round up and our goals for December over the weekend so be sure to come back to catch up with us.

Thanks for reading this long winded way of saying ‘I’m not blogging as much in December’ post.

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Angela xx

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