My Week In Wins 10.11.13

Hi Folks

Some nice things arrived here at the Webster’s this week, it certainly cheered up what has been a miserable week.

Ignore the video camera, it’s not a win, I had just finished filming for Wonderland Freebies.

I am so looking forward to throwing my Come Round Party next week, this is the second time I have taken part in one, the Iron is fantastic and the same model I always use, just waiting for the Ironing board now.

This is not technically a win or a freebie but it’s a fantastic offer, the magazine is £2 but you get a Nails Inc Kate Spade polish and a Joy Card from Body Shop that has either £3,£15 or £100 on it with no minimum spend, can’t wait to find out what mine has on it.

Also featured in the photo is the new No Contact Thermometer from Brother Max, an Epic Goodie Pack from Bosch and a sample of the new Taylor Swift perfume, Wonderstruck.

Happy Freebie Hunting & Be Lucky x

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