Pregnancy Diary – 21 Weeks

I thought I would start a weekly post about my pregnancy, a sort of diary documenting facts & feelings about my fourth pregnancy.

How Far Along Am I 

Today I am 21 weeks +1 day pregnant, because of Christmas & New Year my scan has been delayed until Wednesday the 8th January, we are hoping to find out the sex of the baby, I like to prepared & know what I’m dealing with so to speak.

 My Baby’s Development

My baby is about 10.5 inches long and weighs about three-quarters of a pound, it is getting a lot more active & developing a pattern of being awake & asleep.


I’m feeling plenty of movements especially at night when I go to bed I’m hoping that’s not a sign of things to come !

How Am I Sleeping ?

I had a phase in the last couple of weeks of waking up at silly o’clock and not being able to get back to sleep, I have started leaving my phone out of reach so I can’t see what time it is & start fretting, so far it’s working really well. I wake at least once a night for a wee but I did this before pregnancy so that’s nothing new.

How’s My Health

This is a sore area for me at the moment, I had it confirmed on Monday that I have Gestational Diabetes again, it’s started a lot earlier this time & I’m already on Insulin injections which is not pleasant. On top of all the other appointments I have I am now under the Diabetes Centre and will be seen there throughout my pregnancy. I’m feeling very frustrated about the whole thing to be honest, I’m constantly worried around meal times.

Heartburn is a constant for me so I try to avoid eating after 6pm, sometimes it works other times it doesn’t.

Weight Gain

I weighed myself this week & I have lost a couple of pounds, I was quite surprised but I am thinking it might have something to do with the diabetes.


This is the first week I’ve had proper cravings, luckily they weren’t too unhealthy. I had a real craving for Beetroot & Pickled Onions.

How’s My Mood ?

My mood’s are a little all over the place at the moment, some days I am fine then others I feel really emotional & the slightest thing will set me off.

Other Bits & Bobs

I’ve had an outbreak of acne on my neck & jaw-line for few months on & off & it’s made a return this week, the spots can get pretty sore, I’m using The Body Shop Tea Tree range although it’s drying them out a little it doesn’t seem to be clearing up.

Also this week the nausea I had until week 14 has returned, it’s not everyday but it’s pretty unbearable when it happens.

Looking Forward To 

Finding out the sex of the baby next Wednesday (I’m convinced it’s a boy !)

Finally buying some clothes, we gave all Daisy’s baby clothes away as we hadn’t planned on having another.

Stop by next week for a week 22 update & to hopefully find out the sex.

Angela x



  1. January 5th 2014 / 4:13 PM

    oooo how exciting! Today I am 22 weeks, so we are so close together! I've just done a TMI post on pregnancy if you're up for having a giggle 🙂 xcx

  2. January 5th 2014 / 4:21 PM

    Thanks for the comment, I've just had a read, great post, will be great to compare notes 🙂 x

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