Pregnancy Diary – 23 Weeks

Hi Folks

Today finds me another week into my pregnancy with baby number 4, these weekly posts are certainly helping to pass the time.

How Far Along Am I ?

I am now 23 weeks pregnant, I have another 17 weeks to go as long as everything goes to plan.

My Baby’s Development

My baby could now be 11 inches long & weigh as much as a pound, his senses are developing fast & his eyes are fully formed, he is even starting to grow his tiny little teeth.


I’m feeling a lot more movement during the day now as well as at night, he seems to enjoy playing squash mummy’s bladder which is slightly uncomfortable as you can imagine !

How Am I Sleeping ?

This week has not been great sleep wise but I can’t blame that entirely on being pregnant, it’s been a rather stressful week and I’m a natural worrier and this has been reflected in my sleep or lack of it, I can get to sleep just can’t stay that way. Daisy also had a couple of restless nights, she is usually a fantastic sleeper but will have the odd spell where she wakes about 4am & doesn’t go back to sleep.

How’s My Health ?

Not great this week at all, after phoning the diabetic nurse on Tuesday she decided to up my dose of insulin before breakfast, I already explained to her that I had been experiencing a hypo a few times a couple of hours after my breakfast, she gave me some advice to help avoid them but ever since I upped the dose I have had a hypo every single morning.

Having a hypo is not a pleasant experience but the one I had on Friday frightened me as my vision blurred & I really felt on the verge of passing out, I’m scared of Daisy being on her own if I do. I’ve dropped back down to the dose I was on before & will discuss with my nurse next week when I call her.

I feel so frustrated, every time I feel like I’m getting things under control with the diabetes, it all changes & I feel like I’m back to square one.

This week has been a little stressful for personal reasons and I feel like I’ve taken a dive mentally, I will get back on track but it’s been a tough old week.

Weight Gain

I’ve not weighed myself again this week but clothes are still fitting nicely so that’s a bonus.


I’m still craving ham sandwiches but I’ve also had overwhelming sugar cravings this week, I hate to admit that I have given into these sometimes & feel totally guilty about it but I’m human at the end of the day.

How’s My Mood ?

I’ve not been feeling great this week, I have a few things going on that are causing me some stress so I think it’s more that than to do with the pregnancy.

Other Bits & Bobs 

I’m always on the look out for free or really cheap baby items, I’m not proud, never have been so I’m quite happy to go second hand all the way for the new baby, we gave almost all of Daisy’s baby items away as we were not going to have anymore so I’ve been searching for those essentials lately. This week we got a baby bath from freecycle, it’s like new and is a Winnie The Pooh design, it amazes me sometimes how much stuff people giveaway or worse-throw in the bin !

My wonderful cousin also bought us a huge bundle of baby boy clothes second hand from her friend, I’m not by any means a label junkie but the clothes were all Next, Baby Gap, Ted Baker, Baby K or Jasper Conran, they are in immaculate condition.

Looking Forward To

Having a better week than last week, nothing worse than an unproductive week.

Having no appointments for the next week.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave ant questions or comments below.

Angela x


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