Pregnancy Diary – 25 Weeks

Hi Folks

I’m a little late posting this weeks update, I had an awful appointment with a consultant this week & it’s left me feeling very fed up, I was going to write a huge ranty post about it but I realise that my energy would be better spent being thankful that I’m carrying a perfectly healthy baby.

How Far Along Am I ?

I’m now a few days over 25 weeks, I’ve noticed a big increase in my bump size this week, tiny Webster must have had a growth spurt.

My Baby’s Development

My baby could now be about 13.5 inches long & could weigh about 1.5lbs, he responds to noises outside the womb & is starting to lay down fat.


I still get plenty of kicks & wriggles, he seems to prefer the right side of my belly although I’m sure this will change as he grows bigger.

How Am I Sleeping ?

Simple answer-terribly, I find it hard to get comfy & get to sleep, I’m having the most oddest dreams & wake several times a night, I feel like I’ve been in a fight by the time it’s morning. I find I’m having to have more afternoon naps when Daisy does.

How’s My Health?

I really haven’t been feeling too well to be honest, I’m taking insulin before every meal now, my levels are still up & down but breakfast is becoming a little better. I really feel that with this pregnancy my body is rebelling against me, it really isn’t coping very well with being pregnant at all. The hardest thing for me is accepting that I have to slow down, this is difficult for someone who likes to get all their chores done at once, but I know it won’t be forever.


I’ve not really had any different cravings this week, I’m still enjoying ham sandwiches & crisps.

How’s My Mood ?

It’s not been great this week, I was dreading going to the hospital for my consultant appointment, then it went badly & I’ve been left with some tough decisions to make. By nature I am a very reactive person & sometimes I need to stop & think about things so that’s what I’m doing. I will update & tell all when I’m ready to.

Other Bits & Bobs

I had been quite undecided about whether to get a double push-chair, I know I want to get a sling but wasn’t sure whether Daisy would be ready to go buggy free as she will only be 2 & a half. Anyway I did some research & decided to purchase one, I was just about to place an order when Jess (my daughter) spotted the exact one I wanted for sale on Facebook, it’s in fantastic condition & saved us £80, Daisy loves it as you can see below. We also managed to get a lovely cot off Free-cycle it must have been our lucky week !

Please feel free to leave a comment, if there’s anything you would like to ask or any suggestions of what you would like me to write about.

Angela x


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