Pregnancy Diary – 26 Weeks

Hi Folks

I’ve not got much different to tell you this week but wanted to keep up with this little diary so didn’t want to miss out a post, I’m also hoping to start including a few more photo’s so must remember to take some.

How Far Along Am I ?

I’m now 26 weeks, I am going to be delivered between 38-39 weeks so I think that leaves me just over 12 weeks to go.

My Baby’s Development

My baby’s brain is developing at an intense rate, he has learned how to grasp things this week. His nostrils have started to open so he get in lots of practice for breathing in the outside world.


I’m still getting plenty of regular strong movements, he is still very active at nighttime, I seem to get a lot of movements very low down that’s where he prefers to be.

How Am I Sleeping ?

This week my quality of sleep had varied, I’ve had a couple of really restless nights & a few that were a little better, I find it really hard to get comfy & the constant heartburn doesn’t help.

How’s My Health ?

I’m really pleased this week that I’ve had a few days of normal blood sugars, this is the first time it’s happened since I started monitoring & taking insulin. I have felt incredibly tired this week but I have managed to get out a bit more which is good. I had a midwife appointment this week which was pretty uneventful, I have the most useless midwife I have ever met so I just get in & out as quick as I can, the student midwife was lovely though.


I had a fleeting craving for Custard this week, I did satisfy it which was a little naughty but it seems to have passed now.

How’s My Mood ?

I’m still a little up & down in this area, Chris needs the patience of a saint at the moment.

Other Bits & Bobs

There isn’t really much to report this week, I have been looking at play mat’s for tiny Webster but I still haven’t decided on which one yet, Daisy loved her’s so I’m hoping her little brother will too.
I’m going to start stocking up on nappy’s this week so I will be searching around for the best deals.

I will leave you with another bump shot this week, I post them weekly over on Instagram (I’m @FairlyDaisy if you want to follow me) I have never taken bump shots before but I’m really enjoying seeing my tummy change & grow each week.

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week

I’m going to have the 4D scan experience that I won next week, I have never had one before so really looking forward to seeing my baby boy close up.

I’m hoping that my blood sugars are settling down so looking forward to some better readings next week.

Thanks for reading.

Angela x


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