Raising Awareness – Tiny Tickers Heart Week 2015

Tiny Tickers is a charity that was founded in 1999, it’s aim is to improve screening for congenital heart defects before birth, studies have reported that there are benefits to babies that are detected early with pre-natal screening

According to the website bigtick.org.uk
‘Heart defects are the leading cause of birth defect related deaths and are among the most common, too. Around 5,000 babies are born with some form of heart defect yearly in the UK, 3,000 of which will require major surgery’

Tiny Tickers help by raising standards, providing training, raising awareness about the importance of pre-natal screening and congenital heart disease and research into the condition.

You can read more about the vital work that Tiny Tickers do here and you can also read all about Tiny Tickers Heart Week 2015 here , it runs from the 7th-14th February.

Thanks so much for reading, you can help Tiny Tickers by organising an event and raising money during heart week, donating at any time or even just by raising awareness of the great work they do.

Angela x


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