Webster’s Week In Review 1st-8th December 2013

Hi Folks

The first week of December has flown by and it’s almost Daisy’s birthday, she is going to be 2 and I’m still wondering where the time went, it feels like yesterday that I was in hospital for a pointless induction that ended in a C-Section.
Daisy had brought so much joy to our lives since she arrived, she has kept us going through some tough emotional times & reminded us everyday to be thankful for everything we have.

My husband Chris is a fantastic guitar player & he has a amazing singing voice which I hope he passes on to Daisy, she loves playing & singing along on Daddy’s Ukelele.

I have been asking Daisy to set the table this week, she loves helping me with the housework & it’s never too early to learn, she finds so much fun in the simplest of things & has spent most of the week playing with cardboard tubes from the wrapping paper, she calls it a ‘der der’.

Our house is looking very festive and we may have indulged in a Mince Pie & Chocolate or two, we have stored out tubs of chocolate at the in-laws house, it’s the only way to ensure they make it to Christmas, we have no will-power over chocolate in this house !

I may have helped Daisy do some Christmas colouring in.

These Festive doughnuts are from the Co-op, I’m a sucker for the word ‘Festive’ if a food product says it then I’m buying it !

I spent the weekend wrapping presents & watching films, we used Chris’s Google Play credit that he won to watch Pacific Rim, I initially watched it to indulge in my Charlie Hunnam obsession but it was actually not too bad, the effects were amazing even if the acting was a bit ham.

Next week sees us celebrating Daisy’s birthday with a trip to a soft play place, followed by a trip to the midwife where we will hear tiny Webster’s heartbeat for the first time.

Hope you are all having fun & getting into the festive mood.

Angela x


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