Webster’s Week In Review 31st December 2013-5th January 2014


So this week is a the first week of a whole new year, I love new year it’s a great time to start routines afresh & make changes that have been niggling for a while.

My week started off with a trip to the Diabetic Centre at the hospital to find out what sort of medication I would be taking for the duration of my pregnancy, I was a little disapointed to be told that even though I could try tablets I would ultimately end up with Insulin injections, I decided to start with the injections rather than delay the inevitable. I have already gone from one dose a day to two which is frustrating but I know it’s for the best and I’m getting a little more used to it now.

Naughty snacks have turned into healthy ones which is no bad thing at all, I’m terrible for eating fruit but I’m making myself have at least one or two pieces a day & I’m actually enjoying it.

We had a quiet New Year, we watched Bitchin Kitchen (Love that show !) until it was time for the bongs, the fireworks in London looked amazing, not sure I could stand out there for hours but the atmosphere must be electric.

Daisy & I took advantage of the wet weather & went muddy puddle jumping, Daisy get’s so excited every time she spots a puddle in the distance. Apart from one day when it didn’t stop raining we have been outside, as it’s one of my resolutions I am very pleased.

I’ve really been enjoying my tea’s this week, a lot more thought is going into what we are eating, I made this Chill yesterday (Recipe to follow) it was perfect for a cold Saturday evening.

We had fun playing hide’n’seek although Daisy is getting a little too good at it.

I love reading but it’s really gone by the wayside in the last few years, I promised myself I would read one book a month at least this year. I started reading the book above on Thursday & I’m really enjoying it, it’s not the sort of book I would normally choose but I’m so glad I did. It’s one of those books that’s hard to put down I can’t wait to see how it ends.

This first week has flown by, I’m hoping the rest of the year doesn’t.

Hope you all had a great new year.

Angela x



  1. January 8th 2014 / 6:14 PM

    My reading has fallen by the wayside too! Really need to get back to it but my four month old has other ideas haha x

  2. January 8th 2014 / 6:16 PM

    Thanks for commenting Stephanie, babies have a way of doing that ! By the time you have a chance to sit down & read you are usually too exhausted ! x

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