Webster’s Week In Review 7th-13th October 2013

Hi Folks

Well, I started off with very good intentions at the beginning of the week to take lots of photo’s, do some fun activites with Daisy and get loads of jobs done around the house, then early pregnancy got in the way !

I’m just coming towards the end of my 9th week, contending with all day nausea, extreme tiredness and raging hormones is exhausting but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Here are a couple of pics I did manage to take of our week.

Not sure Daisy has the right idea when it comes to stools !

Delicious Sausage Casserole that Chris made, we love these Autumn style teas, the slow cooker is getting plenty of use.

Just thought I would add this one as it’s cute.

So there we are not much of a review, but I’m hoping I will feel better in the coming week & get lots more done.

Do you have a favourite Autumn recipe ? Let me know in the comments below.

Angela x

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