Webster’s Week In Review 9.9.13-15.9.13

Hi Folks

This week at the Webster’s has been a bit rubbish, the oven decided to break and was unrepairable so we have had to buy one just before our holidays, I’ve had disputes with Royal Mail over post being left on my doorstep, disputes with Lindam about plug socket covers that Daisy could remove by herself, on top of all that I have been feeling lousy rotten all week.

On a positive note I did remember to take some photo’s so I though I would share some of those with you.

Daisy enjoying Tomato soup for the first time, we have the stains to prove it !

Reading books to our cat Mo, he looks really interested doesn’t he ?

Daddy teaching Daisy how to chop Mushrooms for my omlette, never to early to learn basic life skills.

Learning how to play the Ukulele, it’s all about learning new skills at the Webster’s.

Hoping for a much better week this week, do you have any plans ? Maybe learn something new or teach your kids something new.

Angela x

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