Webster’s Week In Wins 18th-23rd May 2015

This week I’ve been a little distracted from comping, I found a brilliant online money making website which you can read about here so I’ve been busy with lots of new survey sites.

I have had a few little prizes and freebies arrive, the books for Daisy that I mentioned winning last week came and Daisy loves them.

Technically not a freebie but an absolute bargain, I signed up to the new Zeek app where you can buy and sell unwanted gift cards and vouchers, I got £10 free for signing up and bought this H&M £15 gift card for £4 !

This book came from the Mumsnet book club, I just have to leave a short review on the forum when I have read it, been ages since I read a physical book so really looking forward to it.

I’m testing these new Microfibre clothes for Spontex as part of their ‘Real Cleaners’ campaign.

My Tesco Orchard vouchers finally arrived, the theme this time is Tesco favourites, after using the vouchers and my Clubcard points I paid in total only £1.46, the steak is for our wedding anniversary next week.


I also had this free sample of Emergen-C which also has a £1 coupon on the back.

I’m still hanging in there for that elusive big prize but all the small ones are keeping me more than happy.

Have you had anything nice in the post this week ? leave me a comment below, I love to hear from you.

Angela x

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