Webster’s Week In Wins 18th-25th January 2015

I’m glad to say I’ve had a couple of little wins this week, I spent nearly two days in bed or resting so took the opportunity to enter lots of competitions, of course it might be February before I see any fruits from my labour but that’s the amazing thing about comping you never know what’s just around the corner.

On Monday I noticed the hashtag Blue Monday being mentioned a lot so I decided to search it on Twitter, I use the search facility a lot on Twitter to find low entry competitions, I don’t just find competitions that need retweeting I also spot links to competitions usually with short closing dates, that was the case with my first win this week, a pair of cinema tickets from Freesat. The competition was only open for that day, Chris and I are going to see the new sci-fi movie Ex-Machina in a couple of weeks.

Also on Monday one of my Facebook comping friends mentioned that a competition from Magners that has been running on Blippar were being generous with their instant win prizes, I had been entering daily before Christmas but had forgotten it was still open, I had a go and won a Beanie hat, Chris had a go too when he got home and won one as well so no danger of our head’s getting cold.

A Countryfile DVD that I won a couple of weeks ago from a local newspaper arrived in the post on Thursday.

As I mentioned last week I won a Frijj milkshake with the Spar’s Shop & Win promotion, I picked it up on Friday and needed to buy something else so I entered again and this time I won a Muller yogurt, each time you play you are also entered to win £500, it’s running until the 15th February so still plenty of time to enter.

I nearly forgot to mention that my Very Lazy prize that I won on Instagram arrived this week, a jar of chopped chilli’s.

This week I’m going to concentrate on my wins wishlist for 2015, I’m a little behind on creating it, follow me on Pinterest if you fancy a nosey I’m MrsWebster147 or have a go at doing one of your own, it really helps keep you focussed.

Have a winning week

Angela x


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