Webster’s Week In Wins 7th-20th April 2014


I’m back with another update of what goodies have arrived in the post for us lately.

I’ve been having a little bit of a slump lately when it comes to comping, I’ve no where near won as much as this time last year, I’m not quite sure why as I feel like I’m spending more time on entering not less ! I don’t believe winning is all down to luck it also depends on how hard your willing to work on it, I just feel a little unmotivated at the moment.

I tried a couple of months of doing effort competitions and was really enjoying putting the time into Pinterest and Instagram entries but they all proved fruitless, which was a little disheartening but I suppose it’s what the judges are looking for at the time.

I won this bumper selection of Gin-Gins sweets from Yours Magazine, they are certainly an aquired taste and you need to be a big ginger fan to appreciate them !

Two nice little samples, the toothpaste is from Super Savvy Me and the Nespresso samples came from Carte Noire’s  website.

I had given up on the make-up arriving, it’s from the Sun’s Perks Offers from back in February, it was supposed to be Barry M but ended up being W7 which I like anyway, the nail polish is a lovely colour and the eye-liner couldn’t have come at a better time as Daisy destroyed mine a few weeks ago.
I got a little sample pack of Femfresh, not much else to say about that really……

I also got a sample of Urban Retreat exfoliator.

I have a couple of prizes I’m still waiting for and I’m crossing my fingers for a big win before the end of April to get me back on track.

Happy Freebie Hunting & Be Lucky x


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