Webster’s Week In Wins 8th-14th February 2015

Well the title this week should read Webster’s lack of wins, I haven’t won a bean yet in February, in all the years I’ve been comping I have never had a totally dry month so I’m hoping the remaining two weeks are going to bring me something nice.

It’s hard to keep your motivation up when you’re not seeing any results but I keep thinking of all the wonderful prizes and experiences that comping has brought me over the years not to mention all the lovely people I have met, when I feel like this I normally take a step back for a couple of day and have a think about trying new ways to enter that might be more successful.

I did get some nice post this week though, my John Lewis reward arrived in the form of a voucher for a free hot drink and slice of cake at their cafe’s, the offer doesn’t require you to purchase anything so it’s a really nice freebie. You can sign up online here .

My Tesco clubcard rewards also arrived, I never get a huge amount as I don’t shop there very often but as with all the store loyalty cards I’m always looking for ways to get points for free, it pays to search around and find out if you can earn points from your energy suppliers or service providers, also keep a look out for competitions or promotions that offer free points for taking part.

Both the Tesco Orchard scheme and the Bzzz Agent scheme offer clubcard points as incentives for taking part.

I usually use the clubcard boost to double the value of my rewards and get an even better deal.

Hopefully I will be back next week with news of a win or two.

Be Lucky

Angela x


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