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I’m finally blogging again after a longer than planned break, I had Jacob on the 9th of May as planned by c-section but it’s been a tough old road to recovery afterwards.

Over the last few weeks I had contemplated never blogging again but this little corner of the internet is my place to record bits & bobs of our lives, to look back on in years to come and reminisce with my children when they are grown so with a little motivation I will continue. I write for my family but welcome readers along the way.

I’m not going to go into detail about the birth, just a quickish re-cap.

The Birth

I arrived at the hospital at 8am on the 9th May, I was first on the list and went straight down to labour ward for my prep, there was a little blip to do with a power cut in the operating theatre which delayed us by about an hour but by 10am we were on our way.

As I had a previous c-section I thought I knew what to expect but the anaesthatist had trouble getting the spinal in the right place which was very uncomfortable and a bit worrying as I didn’t want to end up having to go to sleep for the operation, on the second attempt he got it in place and I could feel it’s effects, it’s like putting your legs into warm water and feeling them float away.

Jacob was born pretty quickly after they made the incision at 10.31 am weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces, he screamed his little lungs out and didn’t stop for almost forty minutes !  He also had a wee as they got him out.

The operation and stitching up went well without any problems and I went to recovery to enjoy some time with Jacob and Chris, Jacob eventually stopped crying and I enjoyed some skin to skin time with him.

Jacob Robert Joseph Webster

Jacob was the only baby to be born on that day at my hospital and there were only five of us on the maternity ward for over 24 hours, it’s was unusual and all the midwives couldn’t believe how quiet it had been.


It’s usual to stay in hospital for 48 hours after a c-section but I was determined that I wanted to be home the day after, I got out of bed around 10 am the next morning had a shower and started moving about slowly. I asked the midwives if I could go home and they didn’t see a problem I just needed to wait for a doctor to give the all clear.

Although my stay in hospital was quite a pleasant one I knew I wanted to at home in my own bed with Chris and Daisy.

We got home about 8 pm that night and I was in a tremendous amount of pain so went to bed pretty much soon after, the first few days are the worst after a c-section, but I didn’t realise how tough it would continue to be this time.

Chris had to use his holiday’s so had just over two weeks off, we couldn’t have coped financially with the pittance that paternity pay is, but two weeks just wasn’t enough and I still felt far from physically well enough to take over the day to day duties with a toddler and a baby.

Chris has been my absolute rock and I feel so guilty that he has had to scrape me off the ceiling for than  a few times in the last few weeks, this amazing man of mine takes the night feeds in turn with me despite going to work every day I really don’t know how he’s doing it, I feel like a bit of a failure to be honest but my body just isn’t co-operating this time and I’m finding recovery really slow.

I’ve had a little trouble with my scar this time and it tore slightly a couple of weeks ago but seems to be on the mend now, it’s my back that’s bothering me the most this time, I don’t know if anyone else has had a spinal but I get strange little popping sensations around the site, I had it last time too, it’s a horrid feeling and I hope it passes soon.

Anyway enough moaning, I have slowed down a little and I’m trying to listen to what my body is saying but it’s driving me mad not being able to hoover or mop or do even half the chores I normally do.

I think writing this post is my way of putting it out there and moving on with a more positive attitude to recovery.

I will leave this post with some lovely pictures of Jacob’s first weeks, he is now 5 weeks old and weighs an impressive 10 pounds 13 ounces, yes he’s a guzzler !










I have now have four lovely children, I feel complete and my pregnancy days are well and truly behind me, I’m looking forward to moving on with our life as a family and the next step along in life’s journey as I will be a grandparent in September as my eldest daughter is expecting a little boy.

I may not have had the best experience this time around but Jacob was worth every minute as are all my children no matter what.

Thanks for reading and if you are on your own journey into motherhood whether it be the first, second or even fifth time I wish you the best of health.

Angela x

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