Word of the Week – Whirlwind

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, today is the first time I have had time to sit down and do some much needed catching up. I knew September would be a busy month but boy has it been hectic around here and the way my calendar for October is filling up already it looks to be the same again next month.

cool-ideas-on-celebrating-your-13th-birthdayOn Saturday we celebrated our gorgeous niece turning one, my brother and sister-in-law threw a lovely party at their house for her.

Sunday saw me heading off for a full day of fun and learning at Blog On in Manchester, that certainly was a whirlwind of a day but I came away with a head full of ideas for the blog and some new blogging buddies.

On Monday I had a whole weekends worth of housework to catch up as well as some work, this was a slow process as I was absolutely shattered from the busy weekend.

On Tuesday I headed to Chester for a blogger event with Hotter Shoes (more to come about this) it was absolutely fantastic but it meant I had a lot to do during the day, planning an early tea and getting the children sorted for bedtime so we could dash off early to beat the traffic.

Wednesday morning saw us spending some time in Daisy’s class for a parent workshop, it was great seeing what she got up to on an average school day, I even rode a scooter which despite being a little embarrassing was lots of fun. In the afternoon I had to catch up with all the things I hadn’t done on Tuesday night and that morning, Jake decided this was the ideal time to skip his nap which meant he needed entertaining as well then it was a quick tea before heading off to do some shopping.

Thursday is being dedicated to blogging, catching up with emails and planning for October.

School are holding a coffee morning for Macmillan today, so I will be indulging in a little slice of cake and a coffee and raising money for a very worthwhile cause, then it will be home to catch up on the housework I normally do in the morning and waiting for the workmen to come and look at the tile that has lifted on our roof.

I have absolutely no plans for this weekend and that’s how it’s staying, I want to stay in my pyjamas all day and watch movies with the children, I think I’ve earned it.

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The Reading Residence

Angela xx



September at the Websters

September was silly busy but lots of fun and very productive, this past week has been the busiest of them all and I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend to start October off, well that’s the plan anyway.

We didn’t meet all of our goals this month but that’s okay, I’m planning to put them on the list for October.

Here’s what we have been up to in September.

  • Daisy started school full time.
  • We celebrated Ollie’s  2nd birthday at The Ice Cream Farm.
  • I picked up my wonderful prizes from Dreams.
  • We decluttered the whole house.
  • I went to Blog On.
  • We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at Dunham Massey .
  • We visited Daisy at school for a parent workshop.
  • We finally fixed the shed roof.
  • I had a haircut.
  • We celebrated our nieces 1st birthday.
  • I got the most comfortable boots ever from a Hotter Shoes blogger event.
  • I completed a free 5 day productivity course run by Aby from You Baby Me Mummy .
  • We did lots of Frugal things.

img_1735 img_1753 img_1823 img_1906 img_2001 dscn0233 dscn0126October looks to be a busy one for us to with lots of plans both in and outside the house, the weekends are already filling up with lots of fun things for us to do. Have you had a good month? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.

Angela xx

Brightlings Review

Last week Daisy was delighted to return home from school to a parcel, upon opening the it she found a Brightings doll that Spin Master Toys had sent for us to review. Brightlings are soft bodied interactive dolls that can say over 100 phrases, they also create music and record anything you say and repeat it back to you.

img_1923 img_1930When the Brightlings doll is in interactive mode their faces light to display an animated mouth which I think is awesome, Daisy loved this feature too, it really makes the doll come alive.


img_1943In play mode the Brightlings will talk to you, you can also move it around and press it’s tummy to activate new phrases.

Music mode is my personal favourite, Brightlings create music in six different styles I love the yodel style the best although I can’t help but giggle when it says ‘Jazz Baby’.

img_1939Daisy’s favourite mode is record, she loves pressing the it’s ear to say silly things to it then listen to them back, she can also change the voice by moving it from side to side. She never tires of the record mode making up her own silly words and having them played back to her in crazy voices really does make her happy.

img_1933Daisy has really enjoyed playing with and getting to know her Brightlings doll, it’s already become a firm favourite.

Brightlings come in 3 different colours, we were sent the Teal one but you can also get Purple and Pink, they cost around £29.99 from most toy retailers.

Angela xx

Five Frugal Things For September

Can you believe we are in the last week of September already ? no, me either but I am happy to say that we have had a fairly productive, frugal and thrifty time this month. Here are our five frugal things for this month.

adventures-in-websterlanf-11. Free books, I can often be found perusing the pages of Freegle and Freecycle on the look out for things we can make use of, things that previous owners have fallen out of love with. I took a chance on asking for what was described as a pile of pre-school books and i’m so glad I did as it turned out to be a huge box of books suitable for both the children with titles that were on my ‘to-buy’ list all in fantastic condition. There was also a little surprise of a Leap Frog write and learn toy which Daisy hasn’t put down. Daisy also brought home a free book from school from BookTrust which was nice.

img_1952 img_19512. Less waste, I really wanted to focus on waste and as Zero Waste Week falls in September I thought it was the perfect time to make a conscious decision to reduce our household waste. I’ve been cooking exactly the right portion sizes, buying the exact amount of fresh produce we need for a week and recycling as much as we possibly can. I used to be guilty of putting gallons of milk on mine and the children’s cereals then tipping it away once the cereal had been eaten, I’ve been using a lot less and it’s saved us money as we don’t need to buy milk as often as we were.

3. Budgeting, we had a lot of events and celebrations to attend this month which could have gotten quite expensive but we sat down at the beginning of September and wrote a budget which I’m delighted to say we have stuck to, sometimes we have even come in under budget which is fantastic.

4. Online Earning, although I’ve not been hammering the surveys as much as I would have liked I still earned a nice little pile of money and vouchers,  which I’ve put towards Birthday and Christmas presents meaning that we don’t have to dip into FrugalMrW’s wages which is always a bonus.

IMG_0887[1]5. Selling Stuff, after having a good old declutter we were left with a few things to sell, we donate most of our unwanted’s to a local charity shop who use the profits to support people back into work which I think is awesome. We sold a couple of things on Facebook selling pages and used the money towards a day out, I’m going to use Gumtree for the things that are yet to sell.

Have you done anything frugal this month ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you. I will be back in October to tell you what frugal things we have been up to.

Angela xx


Word of the Week – Precious

This week has been quite tough, I learned of the death of two friends on the same day, one was an old friend from school who I spent many a weekend learning the dance routines and songs from Dirty Dancing we watched it so many times I’m surprised we didn’t wear the video tape out. The second friend was a lovely lady who I’ve been meeting regularly with over the last 8 years with a group of friends I made through a shared love of entering competitions, it was sudden and unexpected and she will be missed at our meetings.

When things like this happen it reminds me to stop and think about all the things that are precious to me , to celebrate and appreciate them and to enjoy them for as long as I can.


Time is precious, not having enough hours in the day is a constant source of anxiety especially when you are trying to juggle a job, the house, a relationship and the children all at once but this week I’m choosing to use my time wisely by slowing down and living in the moment, enjoying just watching the children play and putting work on hold in the evenings to watch silly comedies and laugh.

Family is precious, I don’t have a lot of family so the one I do have is so precious to me, I’m so lucky that the majority of them have my back and love me unconditionally warts and all, no matter what.

Friends are precious, from the ones I speak to once in a blue moon but could and have shared my deepest darkest secrets with, to the ones I see often and chat about shared passions to for them all I am truly grateful.

Health is precious, I have issues that affect my health on a daily basis but I’m here, I’m alive and I can take steps to heal, I have that chance and many don’t.

So that’s whats been on my mind this week, sorry if it’s been a sombre read but this is real life and I always want to stay honest and share the bad as well as the good with you all.

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The Reading Residence

Angela xx

Stationery Love September

FrugalMrW spotted a huge pile of new highlighter pens on my desk last night he looked me in the eye and said ‘I think you have an addiction’ of course I laughed at him, I don’t have an addiction I’m actually in love !

I love all things stationery and I thought I would share with you my new purchases, old favourites, bargains and one stationery related blog or company every month, sound good ? then read on.

New Stuff 

img_19691I saw these gorgeous docrafts Papermania Metallic Pens on the Bring Back Paper videos that Jocelyn from The Reading Residence posts on Youtube every Wednesday, they write beautifully and I love the shimmer effect they create.

Old Stuff

img_19701I treated myself to this divine notebook a few months ago not only do I love the print but it also has gold edged pages which look stunning on my bookshelf. I found it in TK Maxx I love having a good old mooch in store for stationery as they sell some really unique pieces at bargain prices.

The Bargains

img_19751I love to send and receive happy mail/snail mail so when I saw these writing sets in The Works for £1 each I had to stock up, the quality of the paper is really good and the designs are adorable.

img_19731I picked up this notebook in the Sainsbury’s back-to-school sale for £1, although you can’t tell from the photo the cover is neon lime green. The pages are so soft and lovely to write on, I’m currently using it for all my blog planning.

Ultimate Fave of the Month

img_19721I actually won these Project Life cards in a blog competition but I definitely would have bought them anyway, they are perfect for the Autumn/Winter season and I love the designs and colours. I use them in my smash book and I’ve sent a few to my penpals to add to their own collections.

Fave Websites for September

My favourite stationery related blog for this month has to be Mrs Brimbles , I first stumbled across this blog last Autumn through YouTube it’s packed full of beautiful photo’s and images of stationery, tips and advice about journalling and planning, the odd delicious recipe and Mrs Brimbles own artwork which is adorable.

My favourite shop for September is Paperchase , I can spend hours browsing the site there isn’t anything from there that I don’t love, I’ve currently got my eye on the new Woodland Tails range.

Do you love all things stationery ? leave me a comment I love to hear from you.

Angela xx



5 Tips to Help Combat Back-to-School Germs

We are now a couple of weeks into the new school year and along with new routines come the inevitable back-to school germs that are the main culprits when your kiddo’s start coughing and sneezing. Although you can’t stop those nasty germs from coming home as frequently as your child’s reading book you can take measures to prevent their effects.


Here are my top 5 tips for combating the back-to-school germs.

  1. Teach your children the importance of washing their hands, start them young and use fun scented soaps to make the process enjoyable for them, encourage them to wash for at least 20 seconds by singing a couple of lines of their favourite songs.


   2.   Make sure the kiddo’s get plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, if they are fussy like mine you could try smoothies using lots of berries and citrus fruits for a boost of vitamins.

3.   Encourage your kiddo’s to always cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing to avoid spreading their germs.

4.     Get them outside in the fresh air regularly even if it’s just your back garden or a quick half an hour on the park, keeping them active helps build their immune systems.

5.     Regularly clean those germ harbouring hotspots like light switches, toilet seats and toys with disinfectant wipes.

I hope you find these tips useful, if you have any to share of your own leave me a comment below, I love to hear from you.

Angela xx

School Dinner Dilemma

My biggest worry about Daisy starting school full time was her having to eat her lunch at school, although she loves her breakfast and lunch (as long as it’s sandwiches) she really struggles with hot food and tea time is often a battle in our house.

Currently children in reception, year 1 and year 2 are entitled to a free healthy school dinner and we have chosen to take advantage of this for two reasons, the main being that we thought it might help encourage Daisy to step out of her comfort zone and try new foods therefore making her more willing to enjoy her meals at home and the other is obviously that it helps us financially.


The first few days were touch and go, she complained about wanting to come home for lunch, she was choosing salad and little else and I have to admit that I was really worried about her being hungry. FrugalMrW and I spoke about it and decided that we would give her two weeks to see if she settled and then we would make the decision about transferring her to packed lunches.

I’m so glad we stuck with it as every day last week she came home telling us how delicious her jacket potato had been or how much she had enjoyed her omelette, to say we are relieved is an under statement, she has even been making good progress with her tea not quite emptying her plate but definitely eating a lot more than she ever has with minimal complaint.

In a couple of months time I will start making Daisy a packed lunch on a Friday as a treat for her although I will need to learn the guidelines about what’s acceptable to put in one nowadays.

I recently read that despite parents spending nearly £1 billion on packed lunches every year only 1% meet the national standards for school dinners, I found that quite surprising as like lots of others thought that packed lunches were the healthier option.

I have my fingers crossed that Daisy will continue to enjoy having a school dinner and make to most of the delicious options available to her.

Do your kiddo’s have school dinners ? do they like them ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx


Word of the Week – Routine

This week has been all about finding a new routine for Jake and I now that Daisy is at school full time. It’s been the first  proper week of just us two, FrugalMrW was off work last week and Daisy didn’t start to school until Wednesday so there wasn’t much chance to establish a new one.


I am one of those people who thrive on routine, I’m not inflexible but I do like to plan ahead as I find this helps me and the children seem to respond better as well.

I’m happy so far with how our new routine is going, it’s lovely that I’m getting to spend some quality time one to one with Jake I’m seeing a different side to his personality and of course it’s much easier entertaining one child than two. Jake still has an afternoon nap so I’ve been taking advantage of the time and getting some extra work done (drinking coffee and catching up on soaps might have slipped in there too).

I’ve also been organising a new routine for blogging, I’ve been taking part in a productivity challenge that Aby from You Baby Me Mummy has been running it’s been so helpful and motivational and I’ve got lots of new ideas and plans for the blog.

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Do you work better with a routine ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

Angela xx



Polychrome Light Review & Giveaway

Paladone recently sent us a Polycrome Light to review, they also gave me a second one so I could offer it to one of my lovely readers in a giveaway, read to the end to find out how to enter.

The Polychrome Light is a stylish moodlight shaped like a lightbulb, the transparent plastic fins project multi-coloured shadows on to walls and surfaces as they phase with colourful LED lighting displays. We have been using it in our bedroom instead of a lamp to create a relaxing ambience before we go to sleep and to entertain the children of course.

img_19031 img_19001To start the phasing display you simply press down on the top of the light, you can press a second time to stop on a specific colour to suit your mood or simple press again to switch it off. The light is dual powered so you can run it off batteries or the micro USB cable which is included.



dscn0262 dscn0261Although we have chosen to use the light ourselves I think it would make a fantastic gift for a teenager or gadget geek.

You can win your very own Polychrome Light by using the gleam widget below.


Open to UK entrants only.

The closing date is 12.10.16 11.59pm

The prize is one Polychrome Light.

The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries and contacted by email/tweet.

The winner has 28 days to respond failure to do so will result in a new winner being selected.

Please allow 28 days for delivery.
Polychrome Light by Paladone

 Good Luck x