Money Monday – Back To Basics

This post is a little bit of a confessional, for the past few months despite trying my hardest I just can’t get fully back on board with frugal lifestyle I’ve even considered changing my social media name from FrugalMrsW to SpendyMrsW so I thought I would tell you how I’m going to turn this around by going back to basics.

Money Monday

I spent a lot of time over the weekend looking back on past posts and journal entries to see what I was doing this time last year to both save and make money and I’m feeling motivated and determined to achieve the success I’ve had previously although in a much smaller time frame as I only have six months of the year left to do it. There have of course been some really good progress this year we bought, taxed and insured a car with FrugalMrW’s matched betting winnings and we also reduced our fuel bills  but I feel that I’m letting little things slide so it’s time to climb back on that frugal horse and ride towards the sunset once again.

Here’s the plan

Meal Plan

Planning our meals is now more important than ever not only for our finances but for our health I was recently diagnosed as diabetic and have many changes to make. On a Sunday night I will sit check what we have in stock and plan every meal for the week ahead this will also include the sides to go with the meals I’m hoping sticking to a plan will help us to cut unnecessary spending.

Needs vs Wants

I’ve fallen into really bad habits lately, the spending bug has bitten me and although it’s not high priced items I’m buying the little purchases are all adding up. FrugalMrW and I have a set amount of fun money each month but we have both been guilty of going over this amount we are both aware of this and are taking steps to prevent this by questioning our needs verses our wants.

Free Entertainment

Despite the fact that we have a good amount of vouchers stashed away for free days out we have been choosing to spend our weekends shopping instead and this definitely needs to stop. I’m going to spend lots of time looking for fun and free events that we can all enjoy and when we do have a day out we are going to take plenty of food and drinks with us so no need to spend whilst we are there.

Check Daily

As you know I work from home so finding lots of different sources of income is really important for me, I have all the tools, knowledge and skills but they are no good if I’m not checking daily for opportunities. I get a little time in throughout the day to work and I spend most evenings working too but have found myself forgetting to check some of the websites I should be checking so I’m going to create a bookmark of all the sites I need to visit daily as well as setting up some google alerts.

I’m hoping that following the steps above throughout July will help me to get back on track and I’m going to revisit this list at the end of the month and see what else I can start doing to move us towards our goals rather than further away like we to have done just lately.

I know this is a wordy post but I hope it’s helped some of you who are perhaps feeling the same as me, thank you if you made it to the end. If you are feeling like me or if you have any more suggestions for me please leave me a comment below as I love hearing from you.

Angela xx

Review-Kidloland App & Giveaway

We were recently offered a subscription for the Kidloland app to review, it’s a fun and educational app for children under 5 and it has over 300 interactive nursery rhymes, songs and educational activities to help them learn.

Both Jake and Daisy have had lots of fun exploring the app, they love that each song and activity is interactive they like to see the screen come alive when they touch the colourful objects, people and creatures.

I think it can be difficult to find apps that younger children can use, some we have tried in the past have been directed more towards pre-school age and Jake has quickly lost interest as they were over complicated and didn’t require much interaction, with Kidloland Jake has been able to use the app independently (with just a little guidance from mummy).

IMG_0684[1] IMG_0687[1] IMG_0692[1] IMG_0694[1]

The Kidloland app is so easy to use and I think it’s a great way to teach children to use technology for learning and not just for leisure, it’s also an important way for children to develop their cognitive skills by helping with recognition, categorisation, memory and problem solving.

One of the features I love most about this app is that once you have downloaded the songs and activities you don’t need an internet connection to play them, it makes the app ideal for when you are out and about and need to entertain the little ones.

The app is free to download and you get some of the rhymes for free and you can access the other content by using the in-app purchase feature which requires an adult verification so no need to worry about accidental purchases.


Kidloland have generously offered 5 of my lovely readers a chance to win a 3 month subscription to the app.

Terms & Conditions

UK only

Closing date is 11.59 pm 24th July 2016.

Enter using the Gleam app, you must complete the mandatory entry all other entry methods are optional.

The winner will be notified by email/tweet and must respond within 28 days.
Win 1 of 5 Kidloland app 3 Month Subscriptions

Angela xx
*We received a subscription free of charge for review purposes all opinions are our own*

Word of the Week – Learn

This weeks word of the week is learn, Daisy is in her final weeks of nursery and will be starting full time school in September. She is learning so many new skills to help her on her journey through primary school.

Word of The Week (3)

This week she asked Daddy how to spell some words and preceded to write them down herself on her sketch board. I think the process of learning to write is amazing and Daisy seems to have embraced it full force, she loves phonics and I’m hoping she will love the written word as much as I do.


A reading book has also been a staple feature of our week, I so enjoy listening to her sounding out the words and recognising them, it makes me excited to think of all the books she is yet to read especially the ones I loved as a child. I spent a lot of my childhood with my nose stuck in a book and I think Daisy will too.


I think the best way to teach a child is to make it fun for them to learn and I also believe that every child learns at their own pace, the best thing we can do as parents is to offer our children space and encouragement on their learning journeys and not stress too much about the rest.

I’m linking up with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for Word of the Week.


The Reading Residence

Angela xx

Review – Wraps Wristband Headphones

I was recently sent a pair of Wraps Wristband Headphones to try out, they are super stylish wearable earphones that solve the problems that all headphones have, storage, anti-tangle and style not only are they comfortable to wear in your ears they look fantastic on your wrist.


Wraps slogan is ‘Wear your Sound’ the functionality of the wraps combine perfectly with listening to your favourite music, the sound quality is exceptional.

Wearing the wraps on your wrist is really easy, the instructions are super simple to follow and the unique patented slider system keeps the alloy heads, slider and jack plug all connected together for a secure and compact fit. The cables remain tangle free so no more fighting with your earphones.



The wraps come are available in a range of different colours and styles,from braided cloth to wooden beads, you can see the whole range online on the Wraps website .

wraps LS1 wraps LS4

There is a special offer running at the moment as well so no excuse not to treat yourself , I think they would also make an awesome gift for a teen.

Special EURO 2016 Offer! Get 10% off during the tournament and 20% off if you guess the correct winner in each of the knockout stages on Use code: KickEuro10

Angela xx

Disclaimer: I was sent the Wraps free of charge for the purpose of review, all opinions are100% my own and honest.



A Family Day Out At The Ice Cream Farm

We recently enjoyed two weeks of half term, the first week was full of fun at home and the second week daddy was home from work which meant we could have some fun away from home as well. We decided to visit one of favourite places The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire which is about a 45 minute drive from our house, we haven’t been since they had a huge re-vamp and oh my goodness what a re-vamp it is, not only do they serve the most delicious flavours of ice cream they now provide a wonderful mix of free and paid for adventures.

When I first visited about 9 years ago it was little more than a wooden hut with some farm animals and delicious ice cream what it’s evolved into is amazing and the fact that some of the features of the farm are totally free to enjoy makes it a superb day out no matter what your budget.


Upon entering you are met by the most amazing Ice Cream tree in the centre of a magical garden play area, the tree releases a freezing mist throughout the day which Daisy was lucky enough to witness twice during our visit.

IMG_0505 IMG_0531

The giant play area is absolutely amazing and left me wishing I was a kid again, so much thought has gone into the planning and design it’s almost as if a child had built it there are tunnels with see through domes, mini trampolines embedded in the floor and lots more fun things to climb and swing on.

IMG_0513 IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_0514

We wandered around the little farm area and spotted some friendly animals and then climbed in the giant tractors where Daisy and Jake took turns to pretend to be the driver.

IMG_0544 IMG_0555 IMG_0559 IMG_0568

There are lots of other fun things to do that you need to purchase a play pass to use, we didn’t buy one this time but it’s definitely on our Summer bucket list for this year.

After wearing the children and ourselves out we sat down in the ice cream parlour and enjoyed the most delicious combination of flavours.

IMG_0584 IMG_0585

We had such a fantastic day out and I would highly recommend a visit if you live close by.

Have you ever been to the ice cream farm ? what did you think ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx




Fathers Day – Daisy Answers Some Daddy Questions

Last year I asked Daisy some fun questions about her Daddy and I thought it would be nice to do the same thing this year to see how her answers have changed now she a year older, and of course to give FrugalMrW a giggle for Fathers day.

Fathers Day

1. What’s daddy’s name ?

Chris Webster

2. What is something daddy always says to you ?

I love you

3. What makes daddy happy ?

When I be really good

4. What makes daddy sad ?

when I be naughty

5. How old is daddy ?

58 (giggle giggle)

6. How tall is daddy ?

This tall (stretched her arms high above her head)

7. What is daddy’s favourite thing to do ?

Play with me

8. What is daddy good at ?

Reading stories

9. What does daddy do for his job ?

He tests water, climbs walls and makes the water safe

10. What is daddy’s favourite food ?


11. What do you and daddy do together ?

Go to the play area

12. Where is daddy’s favourite place to go ?

The park

13. What is daddy’s favourite song ?

You are my sunshine

14. How does daddy make you laugh ?

Tells silly jokes to me


Angela xx


Look In My Letterbox

I was going to give this weeks look in my letterbox a miss but I do enjoy sharing with you all the nice things that arrive every week, I have a prize, a freebie, a review item and a purchase to show you.



I won this family Tatton Park ticket from a local Facebook page competition, we have lots of days out to plan this Summer and all for free thanks to this wonderful hobby.



I’ve been sent these earphones to try, they wrap round your wrist so you can ‘wear your sound’ look out for a review coming soon.



We have tried Naturelly Jelly Juice a few times and the kids love it so I’m really happy with this coupon for a free juice and money off another purchase. Click on the link read a review of Naturelly Jelly Juice I wrote previously.



I first bought a copy of The Secret when I was holiday in the USA, almost a year after reading my life changed completely I really believe that the things I learned from reading this book brought my husband into my life and set me on the path to where I am now. I lent my copy to someone and never got it back and have really wanted to replace it ever since so I treated myself to it with some vouchers I had tucked away.

I’m linking up with Alice Megan for Look In My Letterbox.


Have you had anything nice in the post this week ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx


Word of the Week – Diabetic

This weeks word of the week is diabetic, for the past two years I have had my blood checked regularly as I had gestational diabetes with both my recent pregnancies so I was already classed as high risk for developing the disease, despite knowing this fact I chose to bury my head in the sand telling myself I would make the changes I needed to make tomorrow, next week or at the start of another month but I never did.

word of the week (2)

On Wednesday morning my doctor spoke the words I was expecting to hear, I knew i hadn’t escaped it this time my symptoms had steadily become worse in the last six months and I could no longer pretend that the exhaustion,pain, thirst and hunger were just down to being a busy and stressed mum of two under 5’s.

‘You are diabetic’

Even though I knew it’s still hard to hear, lots of people think that type 2 diabetes isn’t that serious and if you are one of them like I was then please do some research as the complications that can arise from not controlling it are quite frankly frightening.

I have to make so many changes to both my diet and my lifestyle that some days it all seems a little daunting but I have to remind myself that I can do this, I can feel well again.

I’ve started on medication which will help to control the diabetes and I have an appointment with the diabetes team at my doctors surgery and also with a dietitian and I’m determined to learn all I can from them so I can help myself.


If anyone has any advice for me or wants to share their experience of diabetes then please leave me a comment below.

I’m linking up with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for Word of the Week.


The Reading Residence


Angela xx

Look In My Letterbox

I have a little bit of a mixed bag to show you for this weeks look in my letterbox, I did win a prize this week but it hasn’t arrived yet I really must try and get back into the swing with competitions I keep dipping in and out just lately.



This delicious freebie from The Good Guru arrived really quickly, I only applied for it at the beginning of the week.


I redeemed two more Argos vouchers from Consumer Pulse, I save them up all year and spend them at Christmas.


Daisy loves it when this freebie Lego magazine pops through the letterbox, Batman is her favourite super hero so she was doubly delighted with it this month.


I love these shampoo and conditioner samples, you can decide if you like the product without wasting money on a full sized product.



I’m reading and reviewing this book from Mumsnet book club, it’s been ages since I read an actual book I usually read on my kindle so I’m really looking forward to diving in it’s pages this weekend.


I’ve been sent this umbrella to review on Amazon, I’m being really selective with the products I get offered to review nowadays but I needed a new umbrella and this one is great as it’s windproof and really good quality.



I’m really happy with this months pop in a box delivery but it will be my last one for a while, I’m cancelling all of my subscription boxes while I concentrate on our savings but i will definitely sign up again in the future.

Have you had anything nice in the post this week ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

I’m linking up with Alice Megan for Look In My Letterbox, do make sure you pop across and check out the other blogs or why not join in yourself and show us what you got.


Angela xx

Word of the Week – Bloom

This weeks word of the week is bloom, I’ve always loved visiting gardens and admiring the beautiful array of colourful flowers and plants but I have never been much of a gardener myself and I decided this year I wanted to change that.

word of the week (1)

My next door neighbour has the most beautiful garden and when some of her flowers started to grow under our fence it gave our garden a wonderful splash of colour and attracted bees and butterflies, I wanted to grow some flowers myself, I have started off small with a couple of baskets and a little plant I bought at Daisy’s school.

IMG_0610[1] IMG_0611[1]

Daisy and I also planted some sunflower seeds and they are growing well, I’ve just re-potted them so they can continue to grow strong and tall.

IMG_0608[1] IMG_0609[1]

For someone who usually kills cactus I’m really pleased with how well our little collection has bloomed, I love the ritual of watering them in the early evening after a warm day and I love checking on them in the morning to see if any new buds have appeared.

I’m definitely going to invest in some more plants and flowers next Spring and Summer, I think it’s wonderful how much joy a bloom can bring.

I’m linking up with Jocelyn from the Reading Residence for Word of the Week.

The Reading Residence


Do you enjoy flowers in your garden ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx