It’s a Boy !

Hi Folks

I went for my anomaly scan today, all was well & we found out we are expecting a boy (there was no mistaking it if you know what I mean !) , it didn’t really come as a surprise to me as I was convinced it was anyway.

Between Chris & I we have 6 children, Chris has two boys from his previous marriage & I have a boy & a girl from my previous marriage, we know have a girl & boy together, we love the fact that we have a large family although Birthday’s & Christmas can be expensive !

Now we just have to decide on a name, there are very few boys names that I like so we have a tough job ahead of us.

Angela x

2 thoughts on “It’s a Boy !

  1. How lovely, Im expecting my 5th child next month who is a baby girl, i already have a 2 year old son and am so glad he will be my only one! still dont know what to do with him, Im far too used to the girls…Congratualtions!!!!

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