A Family Day Out At Foodies Festival Tatton Park

Yesterday I was really excited to be visiting this years foodie festival at Tatton Park, I went last year and had a brilliant time and bought some lovely things so I was really looking forward to being able to take Chris and the kids with me this time.

I hate to write this but I was very disappointed with the show and came away wishing we had spent the day doing something else instead.

I think the overly warm weather and the huge crowds were mainly to blame but there were also a few things about the festival itself that I didn’t enjoy.

Last year the festival was really well set out with all the places to eat on the around the outside and the foodie stalls around the inside, this year it was a huge jumbled mish mash of stalls which we found very difficult to navigate.

The sheer amount of people meant that the stalls offering samples were absolutely swamped and we couldn’t get near them to look at what they were selling, last year I came away with bags full of products, this year I bought two items, not by choice, purely because I just could not reach the stalls.

I don’t want this post to just be full of negatives there were a few little positives too, I sampled some nice drinks, spotted a soap actor and bought my favourite cheese, we also got some delicious free crisps from Walkers.

Here are some photo’s from the day.







I would visit again next year although I would probably leave the kids at home and go a little later in the day.

Did you go to this years festival ? did you have a totally different experience than me ?

Angela x


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