Change Of Season, Change Of Mood

This week in the North West we have been lucky enough to have had some really lovely Spring weather, this has meant the shedding of winter coats in favour of cardigans on the school run and afternoons spent playing in the garden.

I don’t know about you but my mood is always lifted this time of year, the brighter days, fresh Spring air and warm sunshine make me feel so much better, both physically and mentally.

I feel almost like I’m coming out of hibernation, shedding of the dark cold mood of Winter and stepping into a fresher frame of mind where the day’s are more productive.

The children are obviously enjoying this change of season too, Jake had his first trip to the park and Daisy helped me to wash her garden toys so she can enjoy them in the coming months.


Each afternoon after lunch we have played in the garden, Jake is quite happy to sit in his walker, when it’s a little warmer and the grass is a little shorter I will spread a huge blanket out and allow him a little more freedom.


I only wish there was a way to bottle the feelings that Spring days bring, but until there is I’m going to enjoy and make the most the of it.

Do you feel better as the season changes ? or do you feel this way all year round I certainly wish I did !

Angela x

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