A Family Day Out At The Ice Cream Farm

We recently enjoyed two weeks of half term, the first week was full of fun at home and the second week daddy was home from work which meant we could have some fun away from home as well.¬†We decided to visit one of favourite places The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire which is about a 45 minute drive from our house, we haven’t been since they had a huge re-vamp and oh my goodness what a re-vamp it is, not only do they serve the most delicious flavours of ice cream they now provide a wonderful mix of free and paid for adventures.

When I first visited about 9 years ago it was little more than a wooden hut with some farm animals and delicious ice cream what it’s evolved into is amazing and the fact that some of the features of the farm are totally free to enjoy makes it a superb day out no matter what your budget.


Upon entering you are met by the most amazing Ice Cream tree in the centre of a magical garden play area, the tree releases a freezing mist throughout the day which Daisy was lucky enough to witness twice during our visit.

IMG_0505 IMG_0531

The giant play area is absolutely amazing and left me wishing I was a kid again, so much thought has gone into the planning and design it’s almost as if a child had built it there are tunnels with see through domes, mini trampolines embedded in the floor and lots more fun things to climb and swing on.

IMG_0513 IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_0514

We wandered around the little farm area and spotted some friendly animals and then climbed in the giant tractors where Daisy and Jake took turns to pretend to be the driver.

IMG_0544 IMG_0555 IMG_0559 IMG_0568

There are lots of other fun things to do that you need to purchase a play pass to use, we didn’t buy one this time but it’s definitely on our Summer bucket list for this year.

After wearing the children and ourselves out we sat down in the ice cream parlour and enjoyed the most delicious combination of flavours.

IMG_0584 IMG_0585

We had such a fantastic day out and I would highly recommend a visit if you live close by.

Have you ever been to the ice cream farm ? what did you think ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx




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