Frozen Strawberry & Yogurt Ice Lollies

One of the things on our Summer Bucket List was to make some ice lollies with Daisy, she has recently been enjoying frozen yogurt so I thought we would make a more healthier option than the shop bought ice lollies she usually eats.

I needed a really simple idea that would be easy for little hands to help with so I chose two ingredients, Strawberries and natural yogurt.

We used one punnet of Strawberries and one 500g tub of low fat natural yogurt, you can adjust for the size of your own moulds. The Ice Lolly moulds were reduced to 75p at the supermarket what a bargain !


Of course we had to taste test the Strawberries first !

Chop the Strawberries up into very small chunks, I always give Daisy a spoon so she can help to chop as well.


Add the Strawberries to a whole tub of yogurt and stir well.

There was plenty of mixture left afterwards to enjoy.

The finished products waiting to go in the freezer.

Here is Daisy enjoying our homemade frozen Strawberry and yogurt ice lollies.

We will definitely be making these again as well as experimenting with other types of fruit. They are so easy to make and taste delicious.

Just to add if you have a sweet tooth you could try adding honey to the mixture.




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