Sunday Afternoon At Dunham Massey

Yesterday was Sunday and it was FrugalMrW’s last day off work after having nine days at home, it’s been non stop with Daisy starting school full time and getting lots of jobs around the house ticked off our to-do list so I wanted to spend today outside in the fresh air while we have the chance.

We’ve been meaning to visit Dunham Massey all summer, it’s a local National Trust property that has free roaming fallow deer and the most beautiful grounds, the ancient trees and acres of lush grass make for the perfect photo opportunity and lots of fun of course.

dscn0147 dscn0169

We had a picnic, fed the ducks and the children climbed on the massive fallen tree trunks. ¬†One of Jake’s favourite pass times is finding sticks to wield and he was in his element, Daisy loved climbing, running and playing in the fallen leaves.

dscn0201 dscn0193 dscn0213 dscn0228 dscn0215

The first signs of Autumn were all around us, the trees looked stunning with their golden hues and the ground was full of crispy brown leaves and acorns, we might be about to have another heatwave but the season is definitely changing fast.

dscn0171 dscn0222

My brain has been so hectic lately it’s crammed full of ideas, to-do’s, worries and thoughts so visiting somewhere like this is always a calming experience, it grounds me and helps me to reset. I feel ready for the week ahead whatever it may bring.

Do you have a place you visit that makes you feel better ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

Angela xx


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