Webster’s Week In Review

This week in review will be a really short post, Daisy has had Croup again and has already had two hospital visits so this week has been all about getting her better and catching up on the sleep we missed out on.

We didn’t do any of the activities I had planned but we can always do them this week instead, we have some cupcakes to bake and some finger painting masterpieces to create.


My Poor little lamb, it’s horrible when your children are ill, you feel so helpless and want to take it away for them, thankfully Daisy is hardly ever ill.Daisy kept getting little bursts of energy, here she is sitting in her toy bucket, guess where all the toys are !


I couldn’t resist these bargains from Asda, I love the clearance section you can find some fantastic things at the end of the season, this little lot cost me £1.50 altogether.

That’s all for this week, I am so excited for September, we have loads to look forward to this month including our first family holiday to Cornwall.

Although the sunshine is lovely I much prefer Autumn and Winter, I find I’m so much more productive in the last two seasons of the year.

Do you have any nice things planned for September? are you an Autumn/Winter person ? Leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

Angela xx

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