Webster’s Week In Review 30th June-6th July 2014

When I wrote last weeks ‘week in review’ we had had a bit of a rubbish week and I had hoped for a better one to come, we didn’t get exactly what I had wished for but it wasn’t all bad.

I’m trying so hard at the moment to not let things that are beyond my control get me down, and although a few things this week have almost gripped me in a spiral of self doubt and hopelessness I’ve quickly bounced back up and that’s a huge achievement for me.

Anyway, on with this week and some of the good things that have happened.

The week started off with some lovely weather so we spent some time playing in the garden, it’s a great way for Daisy to burn off some energy.

This was my view one morning, Jake is only waking once during the night which is a huge improvement, I often find myself wide awake while he snoozes away, damn body clock !

This week has consisted of copious amounts of coffee, it really is getting me through the day !

The warm weather has meant Daisy can enjoy an ice lolly for her desert, note to self ice lollies and toddlers are not a great combination.

I’ve managed to get lots of housework done this week which always makes me happy (sad I know) as my big girl who is sixteen has been over a few times, for weeks now I have been sorting and de-cluttering little areas and I’m finally starting to see the progress.

I also made some big decisions this week in regards to which direction I want to go in with my blog and my hobbies, both are important to me and I had been spreading myself too thinly which meant compromising quality, I feel so much better for the decisions I made and am already seeing the results, I will write a separate post to explain this in more detail.


Yesterday we walked to one of our local parks, we are really lucky that we have a couple of nice toddler friendly parks close by for Daisy to explore, it started off really sunny and warm but while we were there I felt cold for the first time since May, hope it stays nice for a little while longer although a little less muggy would be ideal.

I’m determined that next week will be a better week for us, and if it isn’t we will just ‘keep on swimming’ until it is.

Hope you have a had a good week.



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