Word of the Week – Bloom

This weeks word of the week is bloom, I’ve always loved visiting gardens and admiring the beautiful array of colourful flowers and plants but I have never been much of a gardener myself and I decided this year I wanted to change that.

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My next door neighbour has the most beautiful garden and when some of her flowers started to grow under our fence it gave our garden a wonderful splash of colour and attracted bees and butterflies, I wanted to grow some flowers myself, I have started off small with a couple of baskets and a little plant I bought at Daisy’s school.

IMG_0610[1] IMG_0611[1]

Daisy and I also planted some sunflower seeds and they are growing well, I’ve just re-potted them so they can continue to grow strong and tall.

IMG_0608[1] IMG_0609[1]

For someone who usually kills cactus I’m really pleased with how well our little collection has bloomed, I love the ritual of watering them in the early evening after a warm day and I love checking on them in the morning to see if any new buds have appeared.

I’m definitely going to invest in some more plants and flowers next Spring and Summer, I think it’s wonderful how much joy a bloom can bring.

I’m linking up with Jocelyn from the Reading Residence for Word of the Week.

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Do you enjoy flowers in your garden ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx

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