Low Budget Ideas For Valentines Day

Chris and I have decided not to exchange gifts this year for Valentines day and it’s not because we don’t believe in celebrating it.

I wanted to focus this year more on experiences rather than things I’ve spent so much time decluttering lately that I don’t want to bring anything unnecessary into the house.

We also only have a small circle of people that we would ask to look after the children. They themselves will probably be busy so going out on the actual evening itself isn’t an option. So it got me to thinking about things couples could do to celebrate Valentines on a small budget and without the help of others.

The Sacred Gift Of A Lie In

A lie in is like the holy grail of parenting little ones, we mourn it’s loss and wonder if it will ever happen again. We berate ourselves for not appreciating it while we had the luxury. It would be a lovely gesture if you could offer to take it in turns to have a lie in over the Valentines weekend, totally guilt free.

Cinema At Home

Going to the cinema isn’t a cheap date anymore, it involves a second mortgage, a babysitter and taking a huge bag to sneak your bargain goodies from the supermarket in (oh, is that just me ?). It can also involve a very numb bum or falling asleep if you are a sleep deprived parent and then cursing the money wasted.

There are so many rent at home movie websites now. You have the paid subscription ones like Netflix and Now TV or movie rental services that have some of the latest releases on like Google Play. Movies are roughly £3.49 unless you want HD and watchable for 48 hours which is great if you do drop off during the action.

With some yummy snacks, the aroma from the microwave popcorn and dimmable lights. Without the buttock numbing chairs and annoying tall person who always sits right in front of you (oh, that’s just me again !) you can almost imagine you are at the cinema on a date.

Posh Grub For Less

If you can stretch you budget a little further you could enjoy a nice three course meal with wine and chocolates in the comfort of your own dining room for £20 or under. You could even keep your pyjamas on if you like.

Most supermarkets have followed suit of Marks & Spencer’s ‘dine for’ offer. Most are available year round on the shelves but I’ve seen quite a few tempting Valentines Day ones this year. You would definitely spend more than that eating out and you will be saving the cost of transport and the need for a babysitter.

Technology/Social Media Switch Off

Wouldn’t it be nice (or a nightmare in some cases !) to just concentrate on each other for an evening with no distractions like the TV, Facebook, Candy Crush and the other endless list of time and attention stealers. You could talk, cook a meal together or play a board game. As this is a family blog I will leave the other alternatives up to your imagination but you get my point, a whole evening of just focusing on each other as a couple.

Of course there are loads more low budget, no budget ideas to help celebrate Valentines Day. Have a search of Pinterest for some fun creative ideas.

No matter what you do remember to take a minute to think about everyone you love and how it feels to be loved back, in the immortal words of Moulin Rouge…..




  1. February 13th 2015 / 6:06 PM

    Great ideas for not just valentine's day either 🙂 I think these would all make great mid week date nights!

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