5 Fun Things To Do On Christmas Eve

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Christmas eve is such an exciting time for kids. The anticipation and the excitement of what Father Christmas might leave under the Christmas tree. In the past, I’ve found keeping my over-excited kids occupied quite the challenge. To help combat this we as a family try to make the effort to get out and about on Christmas eve and do something fun at home too.

You might have some specific traditions, things that you always do on Christmas eve but trying something new will add to the fun. For the past few years I’ve put together a box full of festive goodies for us to enjoy but this year I’m shaking things up with a stocking each for the kids instead. There are definitely no set rules it’s all about finding the things that fit your family.

Here are five ideas of things you could do as a family on Christmas eve.

5 Fun Things To Do As A Family On Christmas Eve

Go To The Cinema Or The Theatre 

Going to the cinema is top of my list of things I love to do as a family on Christmas eve. It’s a great way to spend a chilled out few hours and keep the kids entertained at the same time. This doesn’t have to cost the earth either, many cinemas host a kids club rate on the weekend or during the school holiday. With these offers, a family of four can watch a movie for under £15. Sneaking in some mince pies will also stop the temptation to buy the overpriced popcorn.

You might prefer a trip to the theatre to see a show or even a pantomime, it’s an excellent way to keep the whole family entertained.

Local Events

A quick search online of your local area of things to do at Christmas will bring up a ton of results. Along with the usual paid-for events, you will often find community groups or associations hosting festive events and activities for free. A quick search of my local area came up with a festive boat ride, an elf experience, and a Christmas concert to name a few.


festive Christmas market with fairy lights

Christmas Eve Box

For the last few years, I’ve put together a fun box of festive goodies for the family to enjoy on Christmas eve. You could include a  new board game for the whole family to enjoy, some festive food, a movie to watch, some craft activities and whatever else you think your family will have fun doing together.

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Christmas Lights

You could try burning some of the kid’s excess energy off with a walk around the neighborhood to look at houses that are decorated for Christmas. My kids are in absolute awe of the brightly lit windows and inflatable garden snowmen in our neighborhood. I love that people go to so much effort nowadays, it adds that extra bit of magic to the dark nights of Winter.

cute Christmas village scene ornament


There are certain things we do each and every year that firm part of our own family traditions. We like to order Chinese food from our favourite takeaway while we watch a Christmas movie. Afterward, the kids sprinkle reindeer food outside the front door and hang a magic key up for Father Christmas.

This year we are going to add a new tradition by tracking Father Christmas using the NORAD website. You could add some new traditions to your own Christmas eve routine or even just try something new this year. I love adding new traditions every year.

None of these things have to cost a fortune either, there are so many ways you can have some festive fun on a budget.

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wooden Father Christmas on a tree branch




2 thoughts on “5 Fun Things To Do On Christmas Eve

  1. What lovely ideas.
    We are going to the carol service at the local church. We’re not religious but I think it will be nice then we’re coming home with a takeaway and we’ll watch a Christmas film.

  2. I like some of these ideas. We don’t have any particular traditions for Christmas Eve although last year we went to a Christingle service and we’ll be doing the same again this year. I quite like the idea of tracking Santa though – might do that one this year too.

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