5 Top Tips For Cleaning Your Home In A Hurry

We’ve all been there, you get a call or text to say someone is on their way to visit but your house is in chaos. The first thing you do if you are like me is panic, then you pull out the hoover and frantically start cleaning. I thought I would share with you my 5 top tips for cleaning your home in a hurry.

Pick It All Up

Before you even begin to clean pick up bag, box or anything else suitable and collect anything that doesn’t belong in that space. Set a timer and spend a maximum of 15 minutes gathering all the misplaced items up. You can sort it all out later the main focus here is clearing the space so you can clean.

Speed Vacuum

Don’t worry about getting into the crevices and corners the aim here is speed. Racing round with the vacuum is fantastic exercise too.

Quick Mop

A Spray mop* is fantastic for cleaning a hurry. I have one by WizMops it’s so easy and quick to use and doubles up as a window cleaner too. You can get a further 15% off the price by buying through Amazon* and using the code 15OFFWIZ. A spray mop saves so much time as there’s no messing about with buckets of water and you can use it on wood, stone and laminate floors.

Swish & Swipe 

Grab that duster and swish and swipe all visible surfaces, don’t worry about moving anything just work around. Do the same to kitchen counters and appliances with a dish cloth, remember you not aiming for a deep clean.

Freshen The Loos !

My biggest priority when visitors descend is making sure my loos are fresh and clean. Disinfectant wipes* are perfect for this job. A quick wipe down and a squirt of toilet cleaner ensure a sparkling fresh smelling toilet.

I hope this tips help you when you need to clean your home in a hurry. If you like cleaning you might want to read my Seventh Generation cleaning products or Greener Cleaner products reviews.

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