New Year’s Eve Ideas For The Family

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This year the kids have taken a real interest in how New Year’s Eve is celebrated, they have asked if they can stay up until midnight and we have agreed to let them try. It’s going to be a long night until the clock strikes twelve so I’ve been thinking about ways we could pass the time in a fun way as a family.

Here are some kid-friendly New Years’s Eve ideas for the whole family to enjoy while you wait to celebrate at midnight or at least until the kids give up and fall asleep.

New Year’s Eve Ideas For The Family


Local Events

A quick search of my local area shows that there are several events for families taking place on new years’ eve. Some are paid for events but I did find a few free activities in the local town centre too. I recommend checking out the social media channels of local villages and towns for news of any events taking place. You could also post a status on your Facebook page to ask if your friends and family have heard of anything going on.

Countdown Clock 

To keep the kids entertained each hour you could make a countdown clock. There are lots of different ways you can do this and all are really simple. I’ve included links below to some ideas.

New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock Countdown

Countdown Clock Printable For New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock Craft

Countdown Clock Craft Using Paper Plates

New Year’s Countdown Clock 


You could throw your own sleepover by bringing the duvet and pillows downstairs, wearing your pajamas and cuddling up to watch a family movie. I can’t guarantee you will see the new year arrive though as this is an incredibly cosy and relaxing way to celebrate.

Time Capsule

A time capsule full of fun memories and photos of the things you have done throughout the year is so much fun to put together. Each family member could make some predictions for the following year, opening the time capsule exactly a year to the day could reveal some surprises if your predictions came true.

You could also make some family goals and include them too, it would be really interesting to see how many you achieved over the year.

Make A Plastic Bottle Family Time Capsule

Family Memory Time Capsule

Family Time Capsule Printable

Time Capsule Printable Questionnaire For Kids

Games Night

Playing board games as a family is a fantastic way to pass the time until midnight. You could invite friends over to join in to make it extra fun. Add some nibbles and squash and you’ve got yourselves a games night party. We’ve reviewed so many great family games this year and will definitely be playing a few rounds of them on new year’s eve. I’ve included some recommendations below for you.



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