Renovation Ideas to Boost the Value of Your Home

The majority of homeowners have unfinished DIY tasks or rooms that are still waiting for those final touches. These are often left as the demands of hectic family life takeover. With some simple renovation ideas, you can really boost the value of your home.

While you may be able to live with your home this way, you deserve an interior that is chic and shows your unique style. However, before carrying out any work, consider these budget-friendly renovation ideas to not only improve your home but also but it’s resale value.

Renovation Ideas To Boost The Value Of Your Home 

modern kitchen with dark wood features

Go Open Plan

You may think knocking down walls and creating an open plan living space could cost a small fortune, but you may be able to do this cheaper than you’d think. As long as it doesn’t involve any structural walls, then according to this article, it could cost somewhere in the region of £2,000.

While not the most frugal option, it could double your living space or kitchen and is much cheaper than moving home. Plus, it’s family-friendly and could increase your home’s value by 6%.

Painting and Decorating

You probably already know the difference a bit of paint or wallpaper can make, especially if you’ve ever moved into a home that was decorated in bright, contrasting colours. So, to really change your interior, think about giving your home a fresh lick of paint.

If you choose the right colours, it could boost your home’s overall value by 5%, so it’s worth putting in the work. Think about neutral colours that will grow with your family and match any theme, like mink, grey or gold.

white modern kitchen with large fridge freezer

Kitchen and Bathroom

Just the thought of redoing the kitchen or bathroom can be enough to make you feel tired and send your bank account running. Fortunately, there are ways to do it quickly and with minimal spend.

This includes replacing flooring, repainting cupboards, covering tiles with stickers, adding soft furnishings, or hanging accessories. A DIY bathroom renovation can boost value by 5%, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Focus on Kerb Appeal

Finally, your house could be stunning on the inside, but if the outside looks run down or unloved, it’s going to harm the price. It’ll also feel less inviting to come home to.

There are loads of cheap things you can do here to improve the overall look and feel. This includes repainting the door, installing lights, tidying up the grass and path, and adding style with plant pots and accessories.

Depending on how much effort, time and money you want to invest, there are loads of ways to update your home to suit your family, while also increasing your property’s value.

large house with trees at the front

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