The Lasting Consequences Of Medical Malpractice

Have you suffered at the hands of those who were meant to look after you? We all make mistakes at work, but when your doctor makes a serious error and your life or the quality of your life is in on the line, it’s not something that can just be swept under the carpet.

The consequences of medical malpractice or negligence are severe. In some cases, patients’ lives are changed forever or even in some extreme cases, ended, leaving their family behind to pick up the pieces. Mental trauma and physical pain aren’t the only consequences of medical malpractice. Here we’ll examine the lasting consequences of a negligent doctor or medical team.

Remember, if you or a family member have been a victim of medical malpractice then reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, as you may have a medical negligence compensation claim

The Lasting Consequences Of Medical Malpractice

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Scars and aesthetic consequences 

If your medical procedure went terribly wrong and as a result, you’ve been left with a visible, distressing facial mark or obvious disfigurements, then your life is going to be permanently altered. The mental anguish that comes with scars and learning to live with your changed body is difficult to comprehend. This is particularly true of cosmetic surgery patients, where a botched rhinoplasty or breast augmentation could leave permanent and undesired scarring. 

The impact on family

If you have children, then your permanent injuries may make looking after them independently, difficult. Your new injuries or disability may mean you can no longer be intimate with your partner, the added financial strain may result in more arguments and strain on your relationship. Sometimes the huge physical changes that are involved often leave families torn apart or facing a long adjustment period full of distress and upset. If you’ve suffered a mishandled birth you may find bonding with your baby difficult and if your partner was present, they also may be struggling with what happened. 

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Income and support

If you can no longer work, or you’re taking an extended period of absence from work due to medical negligence then your financial situation is likely to be strained. It’s possible in this time that you could be plunged into debt, or struggle to support your family. This kind of fiscal scenario can be difficult to recover from, even if you do eventually return to work. 

Mental anguish

The impact of medical negligence on your mental health should never be underestimated. If you’ve experienced a mishandled birth, then becoming traumatised (PTSD) is likely. If you’re in constant pain, then anxiety and depression could follow. If the negligence results in the loss of a limb or you’re now disabled, then you may experience a traumatic period of transition while you adjust. 

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And finally, physical consequences 

Pain is a huge lasting consequence of a medical negligence case. If you’re in physical pain, then your quality of life will be greatly diminished. If you’re now registered disabled you may need a wheelchair, prosthetics, or complete dependence on carers. If this sounds familiar, don’t delay – reach out to personal injury solicitor today.


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