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The running theme for this week seems to have been all about animals. I’ve been on a school trip to the farm and made some decisions about our cat too. It’s lucky that I love animals as I’ve been up close to a fair few of them this week.

We are going on holiday abroad for 10 days this year and I’ve changed my mind so many times about what to do with the cat. He’s a funny old thing, very anxious and definitely not into people preferring to spend most of his day hiding under the bed. When I got him 10 years ago as a kitten he was exactly the same, he does love a tummy rub but only on his terms. I’ve decided that I would feel better if he went to the cattery, at least I won’t be worrying as much about him then. The only problem with this is that he will need to go and get his vaccinations at the vets, which is something else he also despises.

I am worried about stressing him out but as he gets older I think it’s important that he gets used to going to the vets more regularly. Hopefully he will be with us for many years to come and I would like to get him used to the cattery too so we can have peace of mind when we go on holiday.

My other experience with animals this week has been much more fun. I volunteered to go on a trip with Daisy’s class to a farm, she was so happy to have mummy coming with her. The farm we went to was a lovely working farm where you could get really hands on with the animals. Daisy’s class all got to groom a pony, bottle feed a calf and hold a bearded dragon. There were rare breeds of cows and sheep, birds of prey and even meerkats ! We got to go into the meerkats pen while they were being fed which the children were delighted with.

I got to hold a hoop for a hawk to fly through, I must admit I was a bit nervous as he got rather close to my head quite a few times. It was a great day out and I will definitely be taking Daisy and Jake back to the farm soon.

Finally, although not technically an animal, I thought I would include this part of our week too. You might not want to read this next bit though  if you don’t like spiders. When the kids ask me questions about nature we almost always end up watching videos on YouTube to learn more. Jake wanted to know what the biggest spider in the world was and where spiders silk came from so we ended up watching some brilliant videos. I love watching nature programmes with the kids as I always learn lots of facts too.

I’m linking up with Anne from Raisie Bay for Word of the Week.

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13 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Animals

  1. I enjoyed reading about your trip to the farm. Sounds like a lot of fun! We have an older dog whom I worry about when we go away too. OUr teenaged neighbor had started looking after him. I think he likes staying in his own home, but I worry about him being alone a lot of the time.

  2. I completely understand your dilemma about what to do with your cat. I’m sure he’ll be fine in the cattery and you will be able to enjoy your holiday. I’m hopeless. I used a kennel once for our first hound and couldn’t bring myself to do it again. I might have been unlucky. The farm visit sounds lots of fun and good for Jake having an enquiring mind. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. #wotw

  3. We always leave some family member or two behind when we go on holiday so we’ve not had to worry about our cats. I think a cattery sounds like the best option though. I love working farms where you can get close to the animals it sounds like you had fun. I don’t like spiders though, I don’t think I could watch videos about them whether they were educational or not. thanks for linking up to #Wotw x

  4. The trip to the farm sounds wonderful – how lovely that the children were able to be so hands on and enjoy so many different things. Glad you’ve decided what to do with your cat while you’re away and hope the trips to the vet won’t be too traumatic. I love learning about nature too and having children has made me less afraid of spiders – they’re quite fascinating really (but I still don’t like having to capture the big house spiders and take them outside!) #WotW

  5. I used to love going to the farm when the boys were little, I am the same with Toby, because he was a rescue dogs I cant bear to send him to the kennels even though he would probably love it x

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